The Possesed Doll

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During 1943, there was an Inbuilt tower called witch tower as many witches used to go there. Many angels also come to beat and stop the witches who scared other people,and finally all the witches were beaten and took to death. But one of those witch's soul managed to escape. The soul of that evil witch,then, possessed a doll.
In 2004 a new family came to the witch tower. They were happy to live in this historical place. As they entered, they saw the house disgusting and uncleaned. So, they started cleaning the house. There was a child named miyuka, in their family,who saw the doll. she cleaned it, washed it's hair and started playing with it. But one day miyuka died because she hung her self for no reason. Within 3 years of her death, stewart family left the earth.

In 2014, a fitzherbert family (one of the biggest family in their country coz they have 40 childrens) was scared at the house because of the portrait of stewart family.
Rapunzel said: Don't be afraid, little Elly.
Elly said; Ok sister, I will try.

That night nathalie mae was very scared. she couldn't even go to the bathroom. She covered her eyes until she felt the hair touching her eyes were not her blond hair. She wake up, rubbed her eyes and what she saw is black hair everywhere. The possessed doll screamed, you are next, nathalie !!! No one heard the dolls scream except nathalie.

On the very next day, no one knew that nathalie saw a real ghost until nathalie and the oldest brother saw the road looks different. So they felt bored to walk around. they took an ice bucket challenge and when nathalie took a video of nathaniel (her brother), she did not see any face in the screen until that unknown face in the screen screamed. Nathalie has a working sixth sense, so no one except her saw that ghost or someone screaming.

That night when rapunzel go to nathalie's room, rapunzel saw nathalies long braid was hanging. Rapunzel pulled nathalie's hair to untangle it. She asked his family to go to nathalie's room.When they entered her room, nathalie said : I'm telling you - all devils will drag you to hell !! Being extremely scared, they called a priest. After performing some rituals and enchanting holy words, demon went out of nathalie's body. They burnt the doll and threw it on the river behind their house.
Until the devil went out of nathalie's body - the gate of hell was opened to drag the fitzherbert family in hell. But nathalie continuously prayed. Cloud turned into white and the other clouds fell down in hell. There rained the holy water and gates to hell closed.
An year later, they moved in other house where they didn't know about the massacre family. The burnt doll came back again in that house. Next night, doll said : on nathalie's 16 birthday the gate of hell will open again.
but the devil didn't know that the house is full of devotees and blessing bestowed.