One of the most haunted places in goa where spirits of three kings still wander

Goa reminds us for its extraordinary beaches and fun in its marvelous hotels. Goa is one of the main attractions for most foreign tourists.There come thousands of tourists everyday but there are few such places in Goa many people are not even aware of. This article is written to apprise you to that most haunted place of Goa which is one of the most haunted places in Goa.In south Goa, 15 kms. far from valsaav, there is a village cansaulim. In that village, There is a church named "3 kings church" is a church which is considered haunted by locals. The villagers plan a banquet on 6th of January every year.

one of the most haunted places in goa

Why this church is considered haunted and what is the story behind it ? Come, Read and discover.

one of the top haunted places in Goa
It is said that many years ago, there lived three Portuguese king and they always kept fighting to rule over that place. Getting fed up from this rising problem, a king named Holgar, called the rest two of them in this church. In the royal lunch ceremony, he mixed poison in their dinner and killed both of them. He became very happy to see him the single ruler of that kingdom. But, when the locals come to knew about this incident, A huge furious crowd went to the kings palace and when the king came to know this, he found it better to suicide and consumed poison. Later, all of them got buried in this church.

From then, it is believed that spirits of those three kings roam in this church. Locals have felt here some mysterious spiritual and paranormal power out here which makes it one of the most haunted places in goa. When the GRIP team of Indian paranormal society visited this church, they also come to know about these spiritual powers. There are still some powers in this world that are hard to believe. Whether you trust or not, but they exists.