His childhood love killed him

We often want to spend our lives with people whom we love. Normally, ghost also feel the same. This story is about a girl who loved a boy. She died of some disease when she was teen aged. But nothing could shorten her love for that boy. Years passed, The boy was happily married and father of two beautiful daughters. Their life was going smoothly and would be going like that if the witch would not return all of a sudden. Read what happened next...

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Nathan lived in a two-story house with his wife Miranda and his two daughters, Sally and Christy. One night his wife was finishing watching TV and then she felt a cold chill on her neck. She got a little freaked out. She looked behind her; there was a pale girl. Then, she screamed awfully loud. ” Ah!!” ” Get out of my house or you will regret this. ” Then, Miranda said in a shaky voice ” Why don’t you leave?? This is MY and MY family’s house!” 

That night, when everyone was asleep she went to the bathroom and heard a little girl singing, “This is MY house! I love MY house! Better GET OUT” Miranda rushed to her room and told her husband and he said “That’s probably your mind playing tricks on you. Now go to sleep honey.” Next morning, when everyone was still asleep, he went to work. Then the kids woke up and found their mother dead, her neck and stomach were slit and on the wall it said, ” This is MY house! Now GET OUT!!!” 

The kids called the police but when they arrived the kids were also dead and on the wall, Written in blood, it said, ” This is what they get for not leaving my house” When Nathan came home, he saw the police outside of his house. The police informed Nathan that his wife and kids were dead. Then Nathan went to sleep that night and when he woke up he saw the ghost girl and she said, “You don’t remember me, do you??” Then he recognized her from his childhood. She was his best friend. Then, she said, ” I killed your family and now we can hang out again! YAY!” From that day on, he was never seen again.