Haunted hotel confession of dubai

This incident happened with a bachelor who got his very exciting and very new job as an Assistant Manager in one of the Rich and Luxurious Hotels of Dubai. It was his initial days in that hotel. There could be nothing supernatural about it until one night while he was sleeping with his room-mate in the same hotel room.

In the middle of the night close to dawn he heard a cat mewing around in that dark silent atmosphere. Only a night lamp made things dim visible. For the first time he felt spooky in that hotel because the noise was so intense that it woke him up. He could see how his friend was turning left and right being disturbed too. He tried hard to sleep after that but couldn't. He was lying flat facing the ceiling with eyes closed.

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Suddenly the cat mewed again. It was the first night he ever heard any cat mewing. He opened his eyes to see a tall, dark very dark man watching him with an evil grin from the ceiling decor. His heart skipped beats n breath froze. He squeezed his eyes hard. He was motionless for two minutes which seemed like two hours and chanted prayers a several times in his mind. He opened his eyes hoping to see him gone. But this time he was more comprehensible than before. 

He was a supernatural being with a black like coal skin n super white teeth n eyes. Long face just like his long body which was covered with a white long n hanging loose fabric. He was a black Arabian guy, what they call "Baddu", they are quite scary n dangerous to look at. Now what was more breath choking that he was actually smiling big at the guy n calling him with his white palm gesture, like u call out someone silently without any whisper and just by making gesture. The guy nudged his friend sleeping beside him. To his surprise and more panic, his friend whispered, 'man i'm seeing it too, i'm awake, its real n I'm quite scared n paralyzed'. 

They knew they were screwed n scared to death. They pretended to sleep, like they didn't see anything and everything is fine. They kept their eyes closed for sometime, trembling with fear and unable to move. The next time they opened their eyes to see him gone. They sighed a relief though scared to pee. They kept wide awake all night and that thing did not re-appear. At morning when they shared the story with others, they told them how a man had hung himself to suicide in the hotel couple of years ago n his spirit is seen by people even today.