A Haunted Apartment- Where Everybody Lived Scared

I do not know how many of you believe in these creepy scary things. I loved hearing ghost stories that actually happened at a time until one day when I myself experienced it. I live in an apartment of five floors with four other families in each floor. We shifted there and from the very first day, we started hearing loud sounds of pulling chair or tables. It seemed that someone is drilling the wall. At first, we thought the family on the above floor might be doing all this but later, we came to know that everyone in the building hear the same sound. It was absolutely paranormal. The most unusual thing about this creepy activity was - these sounds start at 11:30 p.m. to 2 a.m. ! Sometimes It happened that we heard the sound of chair pulling in our room around 3:30 !

This really scared me. I could easily hear footsteps walking down the gallery, from my brother's room in night. It was hard to tolerate for us. Being really frustrated and scared, we discussed this matter with our two neighbors in the same lane, we came to know that, they hear the same noises since long are they are now used of it. we felt helpless and started to get used to it until this thing happened.

After a week, when I was sleeping with my grandmother in her room, playing up the music as I was used to sleep late in night. I was staring the wall, my mind blank. I was feeling eternal peace while enjoying the flavor of music. I felt deep sense of relaxation and music continued to soothe my mind. I was going to fall asleep but then suddenly,

Then suddenly i saw that room's door which was locked and closed was open and dining room's light which was off was lighting on and off. The door slowly closed. I was numb. I could not move myself and was not able to call granny. In the morning I shared this incidence to my family members and we left that haunted apartment.