Witch and her evil laugh

This happened to my Nanaji (Maternal grandfather) when he was about 17-18 years old. He used to work for the state electric board as a lineman. There was not a widespread electric supply at that time in distant villages. So, the job of his team was to connect wires on the new electric poles in remote villages.

One night, he lost his way in the forest situated near a village and got separated from his team. But being a brave boy he was, he tried to find a way and didn't bother to worry about almost anything. Then after some time he saw an old lady who had her back turned towards him, he approached her as he thought she might be able to show him the correct path. 

He got close to the lady's back and asked her to show him the right path to reach the village. She turned back to get face-to-face to my Nanaji (yes, she was taller than my Nanaji) She then pointed a finger at the opposite direction. My Nanaji thanked her ... Before turning back, my Nanaji noticed her feet beneath her white saree.

Guess what.... Her feet were facing the opposite direction. All the braveness of this lad flushed down the gutter as he started to run towards his bicycle. He jumped on the bike and started pedalling as fast as he could and grabbed the iron of the cycle and didn't even dare to turn back. He then heard an evil laugh behind him but didn't turned back. He soon met his team. 

This story was told to me by his friend who was also his teammate. He told me that when Nanaji reached the village he was heavily sweating and panting. Everyone was relieved to find him. But he was in deep fear and shock.