Was that demon inside my boyfriend ?

My boyfriend is a very calm rational person. He use to have an alcohol problem and drug problem which he turned to the Catholic church for help to overcome. His mum and aunt are deeply into witchcraft and the occult, and a few months ago they asked him join in on an Ouija board session. As soon as his finger touched the glass his eyes turned black and the glass moved from YES to E then NO before his whole body starting spasming and the board flew across the room. Ever since, both his mum and aunt have outright refused to be alone with him, the 'energy' they feel from him.

Last night I personally witnessed what I believe to be a demon inside him. We were talking about moving in together getting our own place. He was calm and happy then all of a sudden his eyes turned black & he was breathing really heavy. It almost sounded static-y like when have the TV up full blast on no channel. He was making growling noises saying things, none of it in English or a language I could make sense of. He fell face down on the floor and it looked like he was being strangled gasping for air.

He usually has a catholic cross around his neck, at some point this ended up across the room, the chain link broken. I didn't know what to do and an instinct was to tell 'it' to leave it isn't welcome. My boyfriend looked at me and started laughing, a laugh I'd never heard before. It sounded pure evil then started growling again words I couldn't understand. I kept yelling LEAVE! And the laughing started again.

This went on for 15 minutes. When he 'came out of it' he said his throat hurt and then he started throwing up.I do not believe it was an act. I have thought about him going to the catholic church asking for blessing today. I don't know where else to turn.