The Dead Evil Wandering around Our House

It happened when i was in class six.I heard it from my parents ,uncles,aunties and my elder brother.Ours was a joined family.Luckily when this happened me and my twin counterpart were in a boarding school.The incident goes like this- two young lads who were local mustans working for a political party were smashed to death. Both the murders took place in front of our main gate.

Blood stains were there on the gate for long number of days. Our house was on a large area of land(around 27 kattahs).House building was built on 5 cottah of land.Rest of the part was like a small forest.So the environment of our house was always bit spooky. So coming to the murder again,it was so brutal that people stopped coming out of their houses after 7.00 pm for couple of weeks.

Supernatural stuffs started taking place right from the day when such a terrible crime took place. Every midnight some noises were heard like some one walking on the rooftop,stone pelting,door banging & grille shaking.But when my parents and uncles searched for reasons they found none. My elder brother used to stay alone ,but after the incident he started staying with my uncle.My Aunt was sent to her mother's house. One night my uncle kept the TV on.

As usual the grille started shaking and they increased the volume of TV to avoid the unnatural stuff.But the grille shook more & more with the increase in volume.My uncle told me that one night he saw one man crossed the 7 feet boundary wall with a single jump.

He also saw a beautiful dog which was hard to find in the locality .Things like this went for quite number of days until when we came to know that antim sanskar(last rituals) of the two dead chaps were done.