The shortcut way through Bridge

My grandmother told me this story.our native place is konkan. we used to go there during summer vacations. There was one bridge near gavkhadi(one of the place in ratnagiri). It was told that accidents used to happen on that bridge every now and then.So all gavkaris (people residing in that particular area)were into fear.

As it was in early 90’s people were so superstitious.thy used to believe in black magic n all. So thy decided to go to a tantric(person who does black magic).when thy went to a tantric. Tantric told them that they has to consecrate newly married couple bodies to a god to overcome from this problem.

They were so scared that they decided to do it..they kept on thinking and then thy got to know that there is newly married blind couple residing in that area. Gavkaris consecrated there bodies to a god even that couple was against it.

Then after a week two people residing in that area got sudden death. And it was kept happening intermittently fr a month. After a month one of d person in that area was returning home after was almost dark there. He was so tired that he decided to take auto(thinking that will reach home early as it almost dark). He then saw 1 auto.he sat in auto. there was 1 lady already in d auto but he was so tired that he did not pay any attention there.

As he reached to has place he got down from d auto n then after what just he saw it was so threatening and scaring(legs of that auto driver were pointing in opposite direction)..somehow he managed to see their faces n immediately he started running to his place. 

As soon as he reached home he got paralysis attack. In his last days he revealed that it was same couple which had been consecrated before 1 month.
Gavkaris then decided to close that bridge permanently as there was another alternative way(long way). And this way is just a short cut.