The Evil scream

While working as a medical intern I had a paranormal experience. Below is my confession posted. The hospital had ongoing construction in certain parts and was not that heavily populated.

I was posted for a month and had to stay overnight on each Wednesday for that period. After the night rounds were over at around 9 p.m., I decided to go to my room to eat dinner and rest for the night. I informed the reception that I was going to the interns' room and he could inform me of any emergency that came. The room was located at the far end of the building and at the end of a dimly lit passage with unfinished operation theater room parallel to it.

I ate my dinner and went to sleep at around 11 pm. Around 12 AM I suddenly woke up to a woman 
screaming, "Tai mala vachva!" (Sister, save me!) I ran outside the room to the reception area to see if an emergency case of a woman with burns wound had arrived. To my horror, the reception area was completely quiet.

On inquiring with the reception, I understood that not a single case had arrived in the hospital since 9 pm. I thought to myself that I must have dreamed and went back to my room. As soon as I switched off the lights and laid on the bed, I could hear the screaming again. This time to my horror, I was wide awake and not hallucinating. It was as if the lady was right there in my room screaming for help. I switched on the lights and looked outside the window to see if any woman was screaming outside the hospital.

There was a lonely road winding uphill behind the hospital. I didn't find anyone on the road outside the hospital. Although I was terrified and wanted to sit at the reception with human company, a senior staff member had warned me not to roam in the hospital at night especially around staircases and construction areas. She had heard complaints about certain men working the night shifts drinking.

With no other choice left, I sat the entire night on the corner of my bed with lights on and hearing the screams. At around 6 am in the morning the screams ceased. I had to endure listening the screams on all 4 on-call nights. On inquiring with some hospital staff no one confirmed hearing those screams before.