And when I received the call from spirits - My ghost confession

It was a fine but chilly night the moon appeared half eaten by the clouds. I was concentrating on my studies during study hours when our teacher made an announcement that we are going to watch a late night show starting at 10 pm. Everybody in the classroom roared with happiness. I packed my stuff rushed to my room to freshen up. On my way to the grounds I grabbed a chair and a packet of potato chips and preceded to the college grounds for the showing.

On my arrival, the grounds were already packed. There were a lot of noisy students and on looking around all the ground space was occupied. There was noise from every direction. (You can imagine the situation in a boy's hostel). I found a spot to sit in, it was the last row in the audience and after 5 minutes the show began. The atmosphere turned dumb as soon as the film started. I was quite surprised at how the students were glued and concentrating on the film.

Just as the show was about to end, I felt a vibration in my pocket. I looked in my pocket and realized my mobile phone was on and someone was trying to ring. I answered my phone.

"Hello kiran, it's me Rajesh, I can hear weird noises near my room, can you please come to my room?" He begged in a whispered voice. His voice sounded strange but I responded."Why didn't you come over here?" I asked "I've been suffering from stomach ache so I didn't" and the call ended.

Rajesh was my childhood neighbor. We used to hang out together after school and play cricket.

I sprinted to the hostel where I found the gate open. I started running up the stairs towards Rajesh's room when out of the blue I started staggering whilst running. Ignoring the way I felt, I went on running up the stairs. On arriving at Rajesh's room I found his door was locked. I got frustrated so I called to him.

"Where are you man?" there was no response. I started getting scared as I was the only person in the entire deserted campus. There were a few lights on but I was shaking with fear nonetheless. Out of nowhere I heard some one say "boooooooo". This really frightened me and I started running throughout the entire campus hearing only the echoes of my stamping feet. I ran back to Rajesh's room and rang him again. This time I could hear the ringer from his room. "Hey Rajesh are you in?" No response. The phone was still ringing after I had disconnected my phone.

After 10 minutes every one came to the back to the floor, among  the students was Rajesh. As soon as he I saw him I shouted "where is your mobile?". He unlocked his door and showed me his mobile which he took out of his bag. Do you know what happened to it? IT WAS DEAD.