That paranormal creature

scary ghost pictures

I used to hate all this paranormal beliefs thinking that these are just myths and nonscientific. I'm a surgeon and I live alone. 3 yrs ago I had moved a new apartment in Patna. From day 1 I could smell like blood there. I checked the whole 1 bhk flat but did not get anything. I thought I might be getting those thoughts as I was tired. After finishing my dinner I was resting on my swing chair with news paper. Suddenly I heard giggles of children.I got up and checked but there was nothing. then I thought i really need some rest and went to bed. As I was about to fall asleep I suddenly started to feel very cold. I covered myself with extra blanket and den suddenly there were giggles again. And this time it was a woman's giggle. As I didn't believe in all that paranormal thing I really got curious and went out of my flat with a torch to check. It was around 1 a.m. and really calm and dark.

I thought there was no point in going anywhere now. Then again I went back to bed.. But as soon as i drew my blanket I found something moist in there. I switched on d lamp and there she was with long black hair and white pale face. Wide opened mouth. She screamed so loud that I covered my ears and fell unconscious.

Next day to my surprise I woke up in city hospital. Doctors said I was admitted there about a week ago. The security guard of our apartments had found my body lying in the parking lot with torch in my hand. I was totally scared and confused. I had been sleeping the whole week. I got discharged from there and went back to my flat.

That night again i heard the giggling of woman and children. This time I got really scared.I went straight to my bed and had kept the lights on.. As i was about to fall asleep suddenly my heart started to pound like hell as I saw her again sitting beside my legs. She was laughing in dual voice. I managed to get away from bed and ran.

As i reached hall I saw to children, with pale white faces. I tried to shout out of my throat,but I couldn't. I had lost my voice. I sat there numb drenched in sweat.I collapsed on the floor. Next thing I remember is I woke up in my close friend's house. He said I was found unconscious on the terrace of our 20 stored building by the security guard.

My friend had come to visit me in the morning. They took me to the hospital where I spent almost 1 month. These all think that I'm suffering from mental illness. May be they are right. But I never went back to that flat again. I can't forget their faces.