Isabella and haunted doll

haunted doll
haunted doll
It was an ordinary day, a little girl named Isabella was going around shops with her mother. Mom firmly told her that she couldn’t buy anything for her that day.
They were passing a toy store, where a beautiful porcelain doll was displayed in the window, when Isabella asked, "Mommy, buy me, please, this doll!" "Isabella, remember what I told you, no shopping".

Isabella was disappointed until they stumbled upon a second store, the secondhand one. "Mom let's go in here! PLEASE!" Her mother agreed and a few minutes later Isabella had a smiling doll in her hands. The doll was clutching a fist and had six fingers. Isabella ran to her mother and said, "Mom, can we take this doll? Please, please?" Her mother looked at the doll and said, "Don’t you think this doll is a little creepy?" Isabella replied: "No". "Okay then," - said the mother and bought the doll.
Isabella spent the whole day playing with the doll near the stairs until her mother called her for dinner. "Don’t forget to pick up your doll before bedtime, Isabella" reminded her mother. "Okay, mommy". But Isabella was so keen on playing that she forgot to pick up the doll from the stairs.
That night, Isabella woke up because someone whispered her name. "Isabella. Isabella. I'm on the stairs". She opened her eyes and asked, "Mom? Is that you?" Nobody answered. She got out of bed and went to the kitchen to drink a glass of water. She heard someone calling her name once again:

"Isabella. Isabella. Look around". Surprised, she let go of the glass of water and it fell on the floor. She turned around, and saw her doll on the table.
She took it and said, "You surprised me, Dolly" and went upstairs, holding the doll to her chest.
The next day, the mother woke up early in the morning and went to Isabella’s room to wake her up. Upon entering her room, she saw that Isabella’s bed was empty, and there were small traces of blood leading from the bed to the closet.

The mother gently opened the closet and screamed in horror. Isabella was in the closet, her eyes were poked out, her throat was slit and her mouth was closed and sewn. A small note was attached to her chest. In Isabella’s blood it was written "Look around".

Isabella's mother turned around and saw the doll. Covered in blood, Isabella’s doll was sitting on the bed, and now she was holding a fist with seven fingers.