5 Reasons why Bhangarh fort rajasthan is one of the most haunted fort in India

Old haunted forts,death,accidents,past and spirits have their own relation and co-incidence.Any place where spirits roam as a symbol of death,one can not overcome their fear .A world which is mysterious and unknown to everyone leaves all amazed and confused. There are many such old forts that have a dark past associated with it and there spirits exist even today.

bhangarh fort in rajasthan is haunted

There is a black history embedded to that fort

Normally every haunted place has a past happening to best describe people about the evil history. Bhangarh fort rajasthan which has very beautiful architecture but it has a dark past beyond. Let me tell you, there is an urban legends behind its turning into a haunted fort.

bhangarh fort rajasthan
Haunted building

Entry after dark brings your soulless body back

Currently Indian government look after this fort. A team of Archaeological survey of india (A.S.I.) always remains active around the ghostly bhangarh fort rajasthan. A.S.I. has strictly warned everybody not to stop by in that fort after sunset. Many people entered that fort after sunset but none came back alive. Many a time, people were terrified by those spirit waves and the paranormal experience they faced.

bhangarh fort rajasthan is a scary fort to move in

Non-explainable noises are enough to scare you

Noises such as screaming, crying voice of ladies, bangles are clearly heard in the rooms inside the fort. There is a small gate in back side of the fort which remains dark. Many times, some one’s talking and a special smell is felt there. The pin drop silence of the haunted fort sometimes get broken by a evil laugh and scream after sunset.

Hair-rising experience during the visit

The insights of bhangarh fort rajasthan is terribly scary. While walking down the fort, your senses feel the presence of invisible entity. Some people reported some paranormal staring from the side and back. If you go to the rooms inside,you can easily feel some noises and burning smell.

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Presence of a spirit-crowd

bhangarh fort rajasthan is said to have many ghost roam in
Ghost pictures
According to the urban legend attached to the history of haunted bhangarh fort rajasthan,due to curse of wizard syndhia, All fort residents died in the war between bhangarh and its neighbor state will always remain in the form of spirits all the time. Due to this massive killing, A population of spirits remain active in that fort.