Paranormal entity outside my house

Credits- Barcroft media
It was 10:30 in the evening in the Philippines. We got hit by the typhoon glenda but when i fell asleep I suddenly woke up in 1:00 in the evening when I go outside. It was still raining.

Our 2 dog start barking and the barking stayed for 5-6 mins.So I check what are they barking for so I checked every Side of the house even in The inside but the dogs stop Barking when I check our outside door. I saw a white figure just standing in my neighbors window after 3. I got back to our house But when I go and closed the door.

It suddenly Got blackout for 3-4 mins and after 3-4 mins the light got back on. And when I go to the bathroom I saw a blood writing in the mirror and it said " DON'T GO OUTSIDE ALONE! OR BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN". So after 10 days I kept thinking about what happened and every time I woke up all I do is Watch T.V.