Our interaction with ghosts

It happened five years ago, when I was in college. I was living in a private mess of six students. Let me tell you about the surroundings before I start. Our building was single storey one. The right side plot was vacant. On the left side there were two other buildings. In the last building a widow was living with her three sons. To the left of that building there was a large pond & a graveyard and a small hill nearby. On the back side of our building there was a thick teak forest.

It was one Saturday. Four members of our mess went to their home. so only me and my one friend sushil was there. 
At that time there was no laptop or TV in our mess. So after dinner we got bored & started gossip. It topic was cricket, girls etc. I didn't know when it became 1:30 a.m. Suddenly dogs started barking. We ignored it. Because it's not a extraordinary thing in our locality. A lot of stray dogs were out there.

 After 10 minutes both me and my friend heard the sound of the anklet of a woman along with Bangles. It was a very silent night. So we could here it clearly. The source of the sound was not far from 1 feet from our right wall toward the vacant plot. The gap between our wall & the boundary of vacant plot was merely 1 feet. Practically it was inaccessible. Because it was filled with thorny trees.

We both were engineering students. So we didn't panic & started thinking logically. I reminded that we locked our main gate at 9 p.m. The gate of the vacant plot was also locked from more than a year. So there was no possibility of anyone to enter except cats, dogs or thief (man definitely). It was impossible for a woman to enter in our plot.

Besides why a woman was walking in such a late. hour?. The sound continued for more than 20 seconds. So we decided to go outside & take a look. When we came outside, there was nothing near the source of sound. Now we both trembled with fear. That night I didn't sleep. I spent more than a week in our building before, but never experienced such a creepy feeling. This time I was not alone.

We told all of our friend about the incident when they returned. They laughed at us. After a month to that incident it was one weekend. Five members of mess went to our home including me. So only a friend named Sujit was there. As he was alone, he called a old friend (from another mess) to come and live. To my surprise they also experienced the same as us.