Frequent Interaction with Ghosts In My Haunted Office

I work in Triplicane, Chennai. We are in the first floor of the building and we are the only occupants in the first floor. Two of us work here in the office from morning until evening around 4.00 p.m., after which many of our friends would come to join us. In our office, for some meetings or so, we have our own plastic bucket chairs, numbering about 50, arranged one over the other in a very neat manner in one corner of the office. Myself and my colleague, a lady named GDL, were working in our system, when the incident occurred for the first time.

My haunted office in chennai has many ghost
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The first incident happened about a year ago. The time was around 1.30 in the afternoon. Suddenly, there was a rattling sound in the chairs arranged in the corner, as if someone was deliberately making noise with a spanner or screw-driver, rattling it from one chair to another. The sound was quite distinct that both my colleague and I heard it and were a bit shocked. It lasted for about a minute and then stopped. Immediately, I went near the chairs and inspected whether something was wrong and we were keen to know what made the noise. The chairs were intact as if nobody touched it.

I went outside and saw whether someone standing outside near the other side of the wall in the sun shade was making some noise and a possibility that noise being taken as the noise coming from the chair. There was nobody outside anywhere to be seen. I went downstairs and saw whether there was any noise from any of the shops downstairs even though I believed that if there were any sound from them, we could have heard it or identified it differently. The four shops downstairs were closed for lunch. I was perturbed and when I told my friend, she was also visibly upset.

Then it happened again within a matter of about 30 minutes, the same rattling sound and the noise was very near to the chair and we could hear it. I made the similar inspection near the chair and outside but we could not find out the reason until now.

Then after every one left for the day, I was sitting all alone to know if I could hear the noise again. I heard it around 7.30 p.m. To be frank, I got scared and left the office. Even now, we hear the sound at least once a fortnight. We are sure that it is not from any person or persons. After this incident, on some occasions, we had other persons also hearing the same noise. Till now it is happening. But we do not know why it is making noise and what is it that the entity or spirit is trying to convince.