How I was about to trapped in black magic

I am a fan of your blog and have read each and every post of yours. I do believe in ghosts, jinn,etc .I am sorry as this is not related to the subject of ghosts but more towards black magic.

This incident occurred two years ago in the month of Ramadan. In Hyderabad its the best time of the year. One night at around 12my family decided to go to Charminar (Which is the most happening part of the city during Ramadan). We were just passing by when we saw a stall which was serving dosas. This stall is opened only during this time of the year. So we ordered and were waiting for the food to arrive. My elder brother and driver had gone to the food stall. My father, mother and sister were inside the car while I was standing out side talking to them.

Suddenly a woman came towards us with her son who might have been around 10. She came towards us and asked us for some money. My father drove her away without giving anything to her. Anyways the food arrived and I started eating on the footpath. After a while I started to have a sensation in my stomach.I can't describe it but my stomach was aching a lot. I hadn't finished my dosa and as I was about to get up my eyes landed across the road on the woman who had come earlier begging. She was sitting across the road with her son and staring at me constantly murmuring some thing. 

I did not pay any attention and sat in the car. Then all of a sudden there was a hot sensation in my ears like of that when we eat something really spicy. The dosa wasn't that spicy. Then water started coming out of my eyes. I could no longer talk and was loosing my breath. I thought that i was going to die as i could no longer feel anything in my body. My eyes started rolling up. My mother got anxious . My father kept his cool and took me to a corner and pressed my stomach. I started vomiting and in a span of ten seconds I was fine.

Then he made me drink some water and I finally became normal. I thought that I was going to die or something but Thank God.Then when I saw across the road the woman had vanished.I told my father about the beggar, then my father told me that the woman might have belonged to the "Mather" class. They are actually guys who work in the toilets cleaning up and stuff and it seems they know how to do black magic. I was relaxed that nothing had happened to me.And after this incident I have never eaten anything outside my house and I am now really scared of beggars.