The haunted mangalore railway station in India

haunted railway station in mangalore
The railway station in mangalore is said to be haunted
This incident happened on 30th May 2012. We (my mom and me) were traveling from Mangalore to Goa by Mumbai Express. And the train reached Madgaon station at 6:40 pm. Our bad luck the train came on platform 2 and we had to use staircase to get out of the station and we had huge luggage around 9 bags and we were only two of us. And if you know Madgaon station you will rarely get a coolie. My mom went searching for a coolie and I stood guarding the luggage.

Our coach was S1 so we were far ahead on the station. It was getting dark and getting very quiet because Mumbai express had left. And there was only 1 train on platform no. 3 with hardly any crowd as it was going back to Vasco.

Suddenly from nowhere my head was filled with thoughts of people trying to climb trains and falling down and getting killed. I tried to remove these thoughts from my head but wouldn't. So I started praying. As I was praying I saw that the train had started very slowly. At last minute a man (whose name I later learned as Prasant) started running to catch the train. I went cold.

What happened in next couple of minutes was very interesting. This man (Prasant) caught the train, and at same time I heard a scream (which no one heard) and felt a presence. And next moment Prasant had slipped from steps of the train and was caught between platform and train. Immediately hearing his please people came running and saved him. Luckily he was not hurt.

I was feeling relieved and walked back to my luggage where my mom was standing with some railway coolies. But as I walking I felt a very angry presence behind me and I was pushed.' Luckily I was very aware so I only stumbled and hurt my toe.

Till date I never understood what happened to me. But every time I go to Madgaon station I remember the incident.