Haunted Hotel Hindustan International In Calcutta Worth A Night Stand

Once I heard that there is some thing in the 4th floor of Hotel Hindustan International Kolkata so one evening with my friend i planed to go and have a check so we went to the pub of H.H.I named Underground there we had drink and enjoyed till closing,then both of us went to the 4th floor and sat in the lift landing sofa.

haunted hindustan international hotel in kolkata

Time was 1:30 am and the lift landing,corridor were giving deserted look,no staff no guest movement was there and surprisingly this hotel is having c.c.t.v. camera in all of its 8 floor lift landing area and in corridors except 4th floors lift landing area is not having them.Let it be so both of us were sitting on the sofa and waiting and waiting.

After 1 hour near about 2:30-2:35 we heard lifts sound as its coming up we thought one of security staff might be coming to take routine checkup round.Lift was coming from ground floor and it came directly to 4th floor and stopped,doors opened but no one came out. we thought somebody opened the lift and pressed 4th floor button and did not take the lift.

Half an hour passed nothing happened it was a pin drop silence over there and we were waiting for some thing interesting but nothing happened lift was in stand by mode no sound was coming from any where we were thinking( Anyone who will listen about this will think we got fooled.) 

But suddenly when it strike 3:05 something happened which made us shocked,we heard foot steps in the lift landing as someone is walking towards the lift but except us there was no one over there... we clearly saw that lifts down button got pressed doors opened heard the sound of entering in lift but no one was there and lift went to the ground floor.