How she trapped herself into a haunted house

Chloe, a common girl like one of us,got trapped into a school that was previously a haunted house and then a hospital.Unleash the history behind that house. Did she manage to get out of the trap ?

ghost of a girl

Chloe is busy looking for some old books or newspapers about the history of their school. After a few minutes she saw a dusty book with some newspapers inside she pulled the newspaper out, she discovers something mysterious the newspaper says that their school was once a hospital which was closed due to the disappearances of children in it and years after the hospital is turned into a school. 

There are photos of the missing children in the newspaper in each photo there is a red blurry entity in the shape of a human standing at their back. She folded the newspaper and put it in her pocket. It's getting colder at the library as she walks towards the exit she noticed something, a red fluid dripping from the wall then she quickly realized that it's not water it is blood then she heard screams around the library. She ran towards the exit but when she came out their guard blocked her and said.

Guard: why are you looking so pale little girl?

Chloe: the library it's covered in blood.
guard: did your teacher gave you an assignment and you're the only one with the assignment?
Chloe:yes she did but she said that it's a special assignment .
guard: when this school is just a hospital children went missing and some witness claim that they saw a girl covered in blood will appear and make the kid disappear that's why the hospital is closed ,years after the school was built and the same thing happened again then they learned that if they willingly offer a child each year the woman will not make any child disappear. And this year they chose ... !

Girl reacted fast but not more than the guard who pushed the girl into the library that was the section of the haunted house where the evil emerged,and locked the door.