Ghost Popping Outside My Window

It’s not a story; it is the small incident which I came over before 2 to 3 months.

I'm doing my B.Tech in Puducherry, first three years I stayed in college hostel, but in final year I decided to move out along with my friends because in final year there will be class only twice a week and we have so much time , if we stayed in hostel we can’t enjoy a lot. So as we decided, myself and 3 of my friends moved to the rent house. We got an house inside the rural area which is only came inside our budget. Roads are not well maintained and street light are there but it won’t work.

Everything was going fine until this strange thing happened. Two my roommates went to their home town on that particular weekend, only 2 of us stayed here. As usual we went to movie at night, movie ended at 1am. We both are coming to our place the road is very small as I driving the bike my friend was sleeping by leaning on my shoulder. 

When I stopped the bike in front the house, the two doors of the window were open, and inside it I saw black face staring at me. At first I didn't notice it properly later I looked very keen I can’t see the index of the face(i.e.) I can’t see eyes or nose anything in that face.

 It just like a face shaped shadow seeking out of the window. At that moment I felt my heartbeat and shivering passed all over my body. But I started to compromise myself by saying that one my roommates must have returned. When I got to the door it was still locked has we left. Till now I can’t find the reason how the shadowed face appeared in front of my window. Whenever I sleep in that room I'm having a strange feeling that someone staring at me.