Distorted laugh and giggle

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It seems many of you liked my experience the other day so I have decided to share my experiences with you people..people who don't believe in ghosts and hate to read long(really long) stories may not read what I'm about to confess. critics may go ahead and post there usual blah blah because u will never listen even if told so since your brains seem to be wired incorrectly.

It happened when I was studying college. My college was located at a place where on one side there is main road(highway like) and on the other side its covered by mountains(the foot of one mountain ends at the college hostel and there are two more mountains on each side of the first mountain located a little behind the first mountain in such a way that there is a small passage from both sides of the first mountain to a small pond(smaller than lake and larger than pond) located between the two mountains which are behind the first mountain.

It was the time of twilight and the setting rays of the sun made it a little hard to figure out the way behind the hostel. My friends(3 of them) stay in the hostel and I come from outside but sometimes we like to hangout. So we decided to take break from studies and play Truth or Dare. I chose dare when selected and I was told to get a cement brick(rectangular in shape and hole inside it) which can be found only at the temple. I left the hostel and went to that place using a torch as it was almost 7:15 PM. When I was closing enough to the temple I noticed there was a temperature drop. I thought it was because its close to night and reached the temple and took the brick in my hand and started walking back. I noticed that the temperature was very low as if I was in a polar region. I started feeling some presence walking behind me and making a funny distorted laugh.

I knew that it was an entity so I kept my calm but felt puzzled because I didn't feel its hostility. I walked fast towards the end of the way from the pond when my torchlight switched off. I ignored and just kept walking trying to figure out the path in the dark. After walking a few steps the torch switched on again and I found myself in front of entrance on the other side of the mountain walking toward the pond again. Then I heard that distorted laugh again.I was confused because it was weird and I never experience anything like this. I started walking back and the torch got switched off and after a few steps the torch switched on and I found myself walking towards the pond again and heard the distorted laughter and giggling sound. It was like there was more than one spirit there.

It kept happening again and again for almost 1.5 hour and I was so tired that after the last time I got so angry and shouted "tum jo bi ho tumse khelne mein muje koi dislchaspi nahi hai muje idhar se jane do aur kabhi mere paas math aana" meaning get the hell away from me because I'm not interested in playing your games and never reach me again. I said that and I threw the brick towards the pond and ran towards the hostel. There was a huge cracking noises behind me but I didn't look back and kept running. 

The brick I threw fell in front of me which I dodged and ran towards hostel and this time I actually was able to cross the first mountain and reach the hostel. I met up with my friends and asked them why they didn't come to find me when I didn't return for so long. They looked at each other puzzled and said I was gone only for like 15 mins. I turned towards the hostel clock and saw the time to be 7:35 PM and I looked at my watch and it was 9:00 PM(My watch was not broken). I was totally freaked and told my friends the story cuz they knew I could see spirits. Even they were completely freaked.

I slept in the hostel that night and next day in the morning we wanted to take a look so we all took the left route and went to the temple. To our shock, the temple was not there, just an old banyan tree(looked really old). We decided to get out of there and were taking the right exit. We four were walking when I noticed something in the grass. I suddenly stopped beside it and knelt down to pick up the brick that felt in front me last night. I held the two broken pieces in each of my hand and was walking towards the hostel when I felt a presence just for a fraction of a second from the tree. I looked at the tree but there was nothing and I walked away wondering what the spirits wanted.

I searched a lot of books and surfed the net a lot but I could never find any conclusive answers regarding the time difference. I just concluded it was an entity(s) with a sense of humor with the ability to warp time. I went there many times but never did it happen again be it alone or with my friends.