Devil In Twilight- Real Ghost Confession That Took Place In Mysore

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Hello guys, today I am sharing my new experience in this page. I had never experienced such a weird ghostly experience in my life, but all things happened two months ago which scared the hell out of my mind.

It was my exam times since i woke up all night to study for next day's exam. I did not know that ,that day was a poornima (full moon night). I sat on my bed holding books and reading. It was around 3:15 am since i found myself a bit boozy enough to take a nap. I placed my books aside and went to kitchen to drink a glass of water. 

I felt a kind of cold ambiance in my home and went to sleep in my bed. I didn't fall asleep, i was looking at the walls of my room. All of a sudden i became like frozen enough not to move my body . I found myself that someone was sitting over me and was laughing at loud pitch. I struggled for the release from that thing. After all i felt free after few minutes and breathed heavily as possible, but i couldn't catch my breath. I shivered as much as to fill all my sweats into a glass.

I was afraid that i was lonely sitting in my room all day till the dawn broke down to welcome the morning. Next day i finished my examination and came home with fever of around 100' c. It took me one and a half week to get recovered. And i told my family about that night's incident. My parents took me to an exorcist in kollegal ( a holy spiritual place near Mysore ) and they performed some puja to me and said that someone has performed black magic over me. 

Then he found a cure for me. Later after few days we got to know that the man who had a clash with my father for some real estate business took revenge in this form. After that incident i dare to wake up all night for studying. Sometimes i fear that someone is watching me over from windows at night. Never underestimate two things, god and devil. It treats you depending upon how you treat them.

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Devil In Twilight- Real Ghost Confession That Took Place In Mysore
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