Devil in the house

I did not believe in spirits or ghosts until I got a job in a small town in Southern N.S.W. Australia. Three other employees and myself rented the top two floors of a beautiful old stone house.I was last to move in and took the attic room and started a new chapter in my life, I was 19 and just left home.

My flatmates claimed the house was haunted by two entities a friendly one they called Charlie and an evil one that they called the shadow.I noticed that doors would open by them selves, curtains would flutter even when windows were closed and footsteps could be heard in other parts of the house where there were no people.

I found this spirit to be Charlie and we were never threatened by him.We even joked "Shut the door Charlie" when the door would open by itself.I did not encounter the evil spirit until one Saturday night when I was in the house alone.My flatmates had all gone away for the weekend to visit their friends and families back in their home towns.

The night started nice and quiet and I decided to retire for the night at around 9,30 pm. I had noticed that Charlie had not been active and that the house was very cold even though it was summer.I went upstairs read for a while and then promptly went to sleep.
I was woken by a commotion down stairs and could hear plates smashing, glass breaking and what sounded like a deep growling noise.

I tried to get out of bed but something was holding me down, I then started to levitate and found myself hard pressed up against the ceiling of my room.It was then I heard an evil laugh, like something from the pits of hell.I was totally inhuman, demon like.
I was suddenly released and thankfully fell back on my bed.I bounded up, quickly got dressed, grabbed my wallet and car keys and made a dash for the front door,As I dashed passed the kitchen I quickly glanced in and saw that all the plates and glasses were broken, the fridge was on its side,the oven had been moved out about three feet and every cupboard had been pulled off the wall.

I could feel an evil presence close by, so I hastily unlocked the front door and ran down the side steps to my car,Thank God the car started straight away and as I drove away I looked back at the house and it was ablaze with light. Then a saw the curtain of the lounge room window part and a creature with bright yellow eyes glaring at me.

I quickly drove off not daring to look back, I made my way to the local hotel and booked a room for the night, I then went to the bar for a drink and one of the locals commented " You look like you seen a ghost" I relayed the my encounter with him and his friends and none of then seemed surprised.

The old bloke told me that the house was evil and had a reputation for being haunted.
He also told me that most people would only stay a few weeks before moving out.
My flatmates came back the next day and we cleaned up the mess, we all packed our belongings and moved into the hotel until we found another place.

My friends never questioned my story, they accepted it as fact,The real estate agency never charged me with the damage to the property, The girl behind the desk said "Oh no not again". It is over 30 years ago now, however every time I visit that town the old house seems to draw me to it.I always drive past to have a look even though it is now uninhabited and in disrepair and can still feel an evil presence there.I have not dared to stop and go inside as I don't know what may await me.