Haunted Bhangarh Fort That Kills Entrants After Sunset

Old forts,death,accidents,past and spirits have their own relation and co-incidence.Any place where spirits roam as a symbol of death,people can not overcome their fear .A world which is mysterious and unknown to everyone leaves all amazed and confused. There are many such old forts that have a dark past associated with it and there spirits exist today. But there are very few brave people who dare to explore these places and face the evil.It is a fact that many people refuse to accept the existence of spirits but you can only console your heart- you can not change the truth behind it.I will tell you about a haunted fort which is magnificent and holds a mysterious past with it. Today you will be taken on a word journey  to a very haunted fort in india which is captured by spirits once sun sets and life is exchanged to death. So, let us walk to a breath taking journey to the haunted bhangarh fort through this article.

bhangarh fort is one of the most haunted places in india

Bhangarh fort is a beautiful fort situated in Jaipur- the heart of Rajasthan. Bhangarh fort,what is considered one of the most haunted places in India. This fort was built by king sawai madho singh in 17th century in Rajasthan, India. A new village is has developed outside the limits of the fort because people strongly believe the existence of ghosts haunting the old city.The haunted fort and its precints are well preserved by Indian archeological department. It is surrounded by mountains all around is filled with marvellous architecture. There are many old temples of hindu gods inside.

Story Behind Haunted bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh fort which has very beautiful architecture but it has a dark past beyond. Let me tell you, there is an urban legends behind bhangarh fort turning into a haunted fort. According to that  famous legend, the princess of bhangarh Ratnawati was as beautiful as her name. Those days,she was in gossip everywhere because of her unmatched beauty and many prince around the country had the desire to marry her.

She was only 18 and her young age had fierced her beauty. Once she went to the market from the fort with her friends. Princess ratnawati visited a perfume shop and was checking the scent of a perfume bottle she liked. At that point of time,a person naming sindhiya was constantly looking at the beautiful princess from a distance.

Sindhiya was an expert of black magic and lived in that state. It is said so that she was a profound lover of the princess.He desired to have the princess his side by hook or crook. So, he did black magic on a perfume bottle princess purchased. The black magic was done to take the princess in his control.

Suddenly the perfume bottle slipped by her hands and fell onto a huge black rock nearby. The rock started rolling towards sindhiya. He died that very instant by coming under that rock. Before he died, he cursed all people of the fort that they will die soon and their spirits will roam in that fort very long.

After some days of death of wizard, there became a fight between bhangarh and its neighbor state Azabgarh. In that fight every people who used to live within the fort were killed. Princess ratnawati could not save herself from that curse and she died too. Due to such a massive killing,scream of death aroused and even today, their spirits reside in that fort.

Entry is restricted after sunset at the haunted Bhangarh Fort

entry after sunset is restricted in bhangarh fort

Currently Indian government look after this fort. A team of Archeological survey of india (A.S.I.) always remains active around the ghostly bhangarh fort. A.S.I. has strictly warned everybody not to stop by in that fort after sunset. Many people entered that fort after sunset but none came back alive. Many a time, people were terrified by those spirit waves and the paranormal experience they faced.

Visitors experiences and incidents at bhangarh fort

In this scary bhangarh fort, spirits of people who were killed in the war still roam around. Many times, this problem is faced. Once indian government had appointed a group of paramilitary force within this fort to know the truth. Many soldiers verified the presence of spirits there. You can feel the scream and noises of swords when you remain alone there.

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Noises such as screaming, crying voice of ladies, bangles is clearly heard in the rooms inside the bhangarh fort. There is a small gate in back side of this fort which remains dark. Many times, some one’s talking and a special smell is felt there. The pin drop silence of the haunted fort sometimes get broken by a evil laugh and scream after sunset.

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