An unseen Force

We were sitting in the cafeteria on the ground floor hungrily gobbling up our dinner and enjoying the fruits of our labour when we suddenly heard a loud scream. We were all surprised and rushed outside. The receptionist, as we could see it, stood huddled in one corner of the room sweating profusely and scared out of his wits. One of the guys went up to him but he was really very hysterical and it took us around 15 minutes to calm him down. He then related his account:

As usual, he was sitting at the desk, whiling away his time. With nothing much to do, he had probably dozed off when he suddenly felt a stinging slap on his face. He woke up in a daze, frantically trying to locate the perpetrator but to his dismay, found no one around him. His ordeal wasn't over as an invisible hand caught him by the neck and slapped him once more. He was literally thrown off his chair by the force of the second slap. Scared as hell, he retreated to one corner of the room and started screaming at the top of his voice asking for help. On closer examination we found that his face was red and swollen.

Someone or something powerful had struck him really hard. We quickly checked the CCTV logs to check whether anyone had recently entered the area. What we saw was really scary. The CCTV footage showed that the receptionist was dozing on his seat when he was struck twice by an unseen force. We could see that he was being hit but his attacker was invisible. He was badly shaken and was immediately sent home. He was too scared to come back and left the job subsequently. We were all shaken and trying to come to terms with the situation when the second incident occurred.


When I was 7, our family decided to have our vacation in one of our vacation houses in a province in the Philippines. We were used to travelling at night because it's colder than when taken at daytime plus little to no traffic at all.

The van was full. My uncle took the passenger seat. My older cousin took the seat behind the driver (since this is the Philippines, the driver seat is located on the left side), I sat in the middle and my other cousin on my right. Four more people sat behind us and another four behind them.

Only the driver and I were awake. We were having a conversation so he won't have the urge to sleep.
We passed by a very long cemetery. It was kinda creepy because I could feel the hair on my arm and nape standing up. I was scared but the driver didn't seem disturbed so I didn't say anything.

When we were about to pass the main gate of the cemetery, a girl in suddenly crossed the road and bam! We hit her.

The driver immediately got off to look for the girl. I was shocked. My sixth sense started to tingle. I knew something was wrong but I didn't say anything.

The driver came back. His face was so pale. "There's no one there. I looked but I can't see anyone."

Me, being the so-called 'tough girl' also got off the van and helped in looking for the girl. I looked at the front of the van and I saw that there was a scratch on it that was not there when we left home--indicating that we really hit something.

My uncle woke up and got off too. "What's wrong?"
The driver explained which my uncle took kinda well. He said that he'd drive instead so the driver will be able to rest.

I knew we weren't dreaming. We hit something. Not a human but something that tried to bother us.
When we got to the house where we will stay, we told the story to the old fellows who were staying there.

the old man simply chuckled and said, "You were just victimized by the lady. No need to worry."