Interaction With Ghost Of 3 Years Old Girl Still Gives Me nightmares

This is a story about my neighbor's baby. Her name was Celine, she was a 3-year-old sweet girl and at that time, I was 17 a teenager and very fond of toddlers. I used to play with her during my spare time as well as teach her new words as she had just started talking so it was absolutely fun with her.

It was like we had developed a bond and whenever I used to see her and call her name she used to smilingly come to me and I could feel the happiness in her eyes and it was normal that being a neighbor the little girl used to come to our home quite often. Due to some disease the baby started falling ill and very soon she died.

3 men and a baby ghost along with ghost baby,ghost white baby
It was heart breaking for the family and for my family also. Soon the cheerful atmosphere due to baby had turned into a silent dull monotonous experience in our neighborhood. Towards the end of the week after the baby's death, I returned home late around midnight during weekend. As I was opening my door a sense of fear started running through my veins. I felt someone standing behind me and when I turned around, I was shocked to see the baby in a white dress, smiling and she walked into her home through the closed door. I was shocked and started sweating.
The next night when I was about to sleep, I opened my window and looked in my neighbor's garden again I was shocked to see the baby roaming in garden. That night I could not sleep at all. Why was I the only able to see the baby and her shadow.
In the evening I went to my neighbor's home and told said the family. Understandably the little girl's mom was in tears as was the dad.Her dad also had seen the baby but he thought it was just the baby's reflection of image in their mind. The father of the baby didn't wanted that her daughter's spirit still in between life and death.Later that month incidents happened with many people seeing the baby at night. 

Some days later a priest was called in the home and some rituals were performed by the priest and the entire home was made holy. That night, I could sense a feeling of loneliness near our home and garden area it was like everything is calm and silent, even the trees and plants looked sorrowful. I mean there seemed lifeless feelings in the background.After that incident the baby was never spotted again.May her soul rest in peace.