A scary trip to kandy,srilanka

I am sharing this story on behalf of my cousin and my mom. My cousin brother and his friends from university planned a trip to Kandy, it's a place in Sri Lanka situated in Central province. A beautiful place I must say. So as my mom from many days was willing to go to Kandy to visit my cousin sister who was pregnant, my cousin brother offered her to tag along since he was going to drop by my cousin's anyways.

scary trip to sril lanka,scary trip to kandy in srilanka

I and dad decided to stay at home since we arrived from Kuwait City at morning 6 o'clock and I was irked by my mom since we were seeing her after 1 month and she decided a trip already.

So on the way to Kandy the guys were hungry and stopped their cars near a local hotel, the area was completely surrounded by trees no houses but a local hotel. There was a lady in there she welcomed them and showed them to their seats. The hotel was empty and she was the only one there. Mom and one of the guys felt something weird about her but they couldn't exactly point out what was bothering them.

The lady came with the food and served it to everyone, they were disappointed that the food wasn't what they ordered they asked for veg food but she served complete non-veg with rice. She apologised and told them that the stock was empty so that's all she had. The guys were soon busy stuffing their mouth but still mom and that guy creep out they didn't touch their food and both of them felt that they were being watched.

One thing my mom noticed that the food was hot and seems to be cooked freshly, whatever the meats were it was looking fresh, since it was 10 people including mom she thought it was impossible for 1 person to cook large amount of food within 5 minutes. She shared her thought with the guy and he agreed and called my cousin to tell him to stop eating but it was too late as they half finished their food. He noticed the food on his table was slightly rotten he showed my mom and she freaked out confirming her doubt that the lady was indeed weird and was up to something. Little did she know that something was not right.

Weird thing was that, the lady was standing near the kitchen and watching them intently the entire time while they were eating. Soon the guys were done and they left after paying for the food. While they were driving and appreciating the food my mom was like 'yeah, the board says only veg foods available and yet they serve rotten meats' then the guy who was with my mom asked them if they felt anything weird about her they agreed and brushed it off saying there are every kind of people in this world. But my cousin told that she smelled like a rotten flesh though. The driver joked that maybe she didn't take a shower like in forever.

Now the guy and my mom were freaked out and they somehow knew that something wasn't right and my mom feared what would happen next. After 15 minutes they stopped their cars to stretch their hands and legs while complaining that they feel as if they were hit by tons of bricks. Suddenly one of the guy screamed which made my mom to jump out of her skin, he kept rambling that he saw the hotel lady was standing near the car. Mom panicked and begged my cousin to leave the place as soon as possible.

Everyone rushed to their cars and left the place, while on their way the driver saw from the mirror that the lady was running behind his car he didn't panic and drove faster than before my cousin was startled by the speed and he turned around in his seat just to see the lady was running. He called my mom who was in other car which was going at same speed, to tell what was happening she agreed seeing the same thing. Soon they were back to normal and was in a busy place and were happy to see some actual souls there.

They reached to the destination safely. Greeting family and friends all that normal stuff. They were narrating to the hosts what happened on the way while having dinner. My mom told about the rotten meat and she was deeply concerned about the boys who ate. It was 3 at night when the guy who was with mom came running to my mom super terrified screaming that the guys were in pain. She rushed along with my cousin sis and saw that each one of them were clutching their stomachs and screaming in pain. Soon the neighbors were everywhere mom said they were screaming to the level that could wake a dead man from his grave.

Each one of them vomiting non-stop some were unconscious. Situation was worse, ladies making different kinds of liquid to help the boys but nothing helped. One of the neighbor simply expressed that this was unusual and doesn't look natural. Soon the ambulances arrived and took them.

Next day the doctor declared that they had food poison and needs to stay for weeks or so. He said due to consuming rotten foods had caused this and was amazed that they didn't die and made it to hospital.

My mom was terrified and asked my cousin sis to call the Monks and get the house blessed, just in case. My mom called my dad and informed him what happened and the reason she couldn't come home soon.

Weeks passed the boys were like 'to hell with the fun' and decided to return to home. They had to use the same route they came from and were scared that the lady would come out of nowhere. When they saw the hotel was filled with people my mom took no time and got out of the car to meet the owner. The guys followed suit. They told him what happened, how the hotel was empty and non-veg were served. The man was shocked (maybe because of my mom's tough lady like look, which makes me want to crawl into a dark hole lol) and then after what he said shocked the others. That day he was not working because he was at a funeral and the hotel was closed for 3 days and he swore that the hotel only served veg foods. He said that this area was haunted by a lady or a very bad spirit but doesn't know the story behind it only knew that she likes to cause life threatening troubles, told by a Monk to him. But he wondered how come she got into his hotel when he locked everything and....Well I second that question.

Now if you are wondering whether we informed the boy's families. Yes mom and dad did, and they did go and left when everyone were recovering. While I and dad were joking around that the ghost at least managed to scare my mom.