A scary story - interaction with Jokh

This story i heard from my friend when we shifted 2 d our house. In Assam there is a ghost believed by people named 'jokh'. This type of ghost dwell in d rivers,dams,big Banyan trees etc. The interesting thing is that when your home is near to such wild forest and any water sources then you may get 2 know them better.My friend told that her uncle use 2 get up early in the morning at 3:30 sometimes and go out fishing to the river. 

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He likes doing it sometimes.. One day he woke up at 2:30 and planned 2 go out more early this time to catch more fishes..he also planned to take one of his friend with him.Next day when the clock struck 2 o' clock, he heard d voice of his friend calling him outside, there is a belief among d assamese people that if any one calls from outside,then he should let him call for three times, if he is a ghost or evil spirit,he then can not call more than 3 times and his voice becomes hard,i.e,that can not be understood as if he's suffering from cold.

But my friend's uncle forgot that and called him back after his 2nd call and told him 2 wait until he dresses n come. When he came outside,his friend began to go before him without even looking at him and without uttering a word. The man felt uneasy , but still walked with him thinking that he must have been upset with his wife who was very rude to him.They reached very far n wen they crossed a jungle they came near d river.There were also cemeteries nearby.The man talked 2 his friend the whole way but his friend never spoke a word.But the man ignored and told his friend that he wanna pee.

He stopped near d bushes and after that was over, he looked everywhere but could not see his friend. Then he came to know that he was fooled. In assam, There is a belief that if a man pees or spits then the ghost or spirit near to him that he can see disappears, That's why that ghost disappeared. He took out his iron weapon known as 'daa' in assam which he took with him as his protection.Just then someone from every directions began throwing stones at him which he cannot see. The man in fear called his father,mother n siblings 2 save him as he was caught, but he cannot run away because he was complete under d spirit's realm.He fainted and fell down unconscious.

The people at home were searching for him why he did not return,They also went to his friend's home but to there surprise they were told that his friend did not go anywhere as he was sick the whole day n it was den 12 o'clock. His family members got afraid and went towards d river 2 find him laying unconscious. They all then carried him home and called many pandits and tantrics and performed many rituals 2 gt d evil spirit out of him to cure him.