Haunted House In Goa And Embedded Scary Confession

This is one of the real ghost stories in goa.This incident happened in Goa, India. We were really happy to find a big house like that when suddenly things started happening. 

We are a really big family and my mom's family usually visits us. That night, all my cousins and relatives were home and after dinner we all were sitting in the living room talking, laughing and listening to my mom's childhood stories when all of a sudden my mom stopped talking.

ghost pictures in real ghost stories of goa

As she was lying down on the floor nobody first noticed anything. Then my dad realized that my mom had not just stopped talking but she wasn't even moving. My dad asked her what's wrong but she was just laying still and an impression on her face as if she was trying very hard to get something off her. She finally with a lot of effort said "YA ALLAH" (name of lord) when she stood up and sat on the couch. 

We asked her what happened and she told us that someone was trying to strangle her and she couldn't even breath or form words to say something. All of us were very frightened but we couldn't do anything as it was midnight.

The next morning after all our relatives left my dad went to work as usual. Though me and my mom were afraid we told him it was okay as it was morning and if something paranormal would happen we would call him immediately. In the afternoon I went in my room to sleep for some time when suddenly I had chills. I was going out of my room when something just tried to push me and I fell on my bed. 

I could see someone holding me down. I shouted when my mom came running and as she opened the door the activity stopped. I told her what had happened and about the person I just saw. She called my dad and we immediately left the house for some days.