Deadly Witch Who Took Away My Uncle's Life

Today i am a graduate, when it happened I was in 7th standard. So here it goes like my uncle who was quite alcoholic, got quite sick due to over usage of alcohol. Doctors of my town(abhor) predicted him, a patient of piles by taking his diagnosis and started his medication but it showed no relief so they referred us to take him to a nearby city shirt Ganganagar for further treatment so there it was revealed that uncle's liver was not that much damaged. 

So we admitted him in the civil hospital which is around 10 km away from the main first day was fine for him in the morning, his ward was a hall containing two more beds, one of them was to a lady who was quite strange by her appearance, she had hairs like she hadn't bathed since an year. She had a little monkey who kept staring at us which was scaring me a lot at that moment. By the evening we(me and my dad) left for Bhua's(Dad's Sister) home in the city leaving there uncle and his son. It was about 10'o clock when they both had dinner n had some talks and then went to sleep.

Around 1'o clock that very night my uncle started hearing strange voices and when he looked around, he got up n tried to wake up bhaiya (his son) and what they saw was extremely strange. 

The lady on that bed was making strange noises n was looking at them with her red eyes. Her monkey made a loud noise which brought a frightening sensation among them and they left all the things there only and just ran away from there , luckily they had a scooter which they started and left for home. 

But the lady didn't spared them at all. They saw her several times along with her monkey on the roadside and she disappeared as they used to look at her. This was something quite unbelievable to them so they just looked forward and reached home luckily at 2 am. When they reached home, their faces were pale full of terror and they were still experiencing those negative energies around, then my Bhua chanted some mantras which brought some relief to them.

Next day we were told by someone that the lady was found dead that very morning on that day my uncle was referred to Jaipur but within 5 days his liver got completely damaged and he died.

I miss him today also but whenever I remember those unlucky days, I usually get scared and just try to forget it. This was something worth sharing so I shared it with you all.