The curse that took Away their Lives

This is the tale of a man who was killed by the numbers. You say it was the number or a curse that took his life away. But, for him, It was a black day and a cursed number. well, read this scary short story.
The curse

One day,when he was going home, he saw a note hanging from his side pocket,he took it out and saw a number "765" written on it.Confused,he threw it out of his pocket.He returned home,his wife had brought a statue from a monastery. It depicted a lady wearing a black veil around her.The husband became madly interested in it.He searched on net...what he found shocked him.It was a curse given to people in ancient times,to bring bad luck.
The husband did not take it seriously.The next day his daughter met with an accident,she was pregnant and unfortunately lost her baby.Depressed,the husband went to the bar at night, in hope to drink away his sorrow.When he returned home, he saw his wife in bathtub..dead by drowning.
Unable to bear the pain...he threw the statue out.Next day..after the events of night..when he was returning home..he got hit by a bus and died.The number of bus was 765 and though the statue was returned to the monastery. Little is known about the dark secrets behind the walls of monastery.