His Ghost Encounter in Himachal Pradesh Would Scare You Out

My name is Abhinav, I live in Himachal Pradesh, a small but most beautiful state of India. I belong to an Hindu family and hence we have beliefs in God, Ghosts and so many other things which we may not see or feel, but we believe in there presence.It was winters of year 2007, I was 18 and was recently done with my High School. I got in to Govt. Polytechnic College, Rohroo in Distt. Shimla. We moved to Tiny town Of Rohroo.

It was first week of December, I was attending tuition classes of Math in the town. I used to get free at 8 pm, the my Dad use to pick me up.That day it was snowing since morning, after college I went straight for tuition. At 8 pm when I left the building whole town was buried under more than a feet snow. So, as all roads were also under heavy snow, there was no chance my dad could come to pick me up today.

I decided to walk, it was nearly 5 km, but with the converse shoes that I was wearing, it was not easy to walk on that much fresh snow. Streets and roads were empty, there was no one on the road. It was bitter cold, I was all alone and was already too scared. On way to home there between was a section of road nearly 2 km, which went through the woods or as we say jungle, but that road had street lamps and they were ON. 

As I reached the woods I saw a man walking in front of me, I could see him under the street lamp next to the one I was at. I was glad to see someone walking, so I started walking behind him that way I knew I was not alone and hence less scared. Also I was walking on the footprints of that man as that way it was easy to walk on the snow. After 15 minutes I realized the depth of men's footprints was getting less and less on snow like suddenly either the man was loosing weight or something was lifting him up. 

I found that very weird, then there is a turn on that road (my state is in Himalayas, so I guess we all know how single narrow roads in hilly areas are), where there was river on left bank of road steep rocky cliff on the right side and we were also walking on the left bank.

Just then I saw that man disappearing under the street lamp right next to me, as it was dark I was only able to see him under those distinct lamps. He wasn't there anymore, it was then when I realize that he was not a man, it was something else, something I always feared. I literally started to run as fast as I could, soon-after I heard squeezing of fresh snow, that spongy noise fresh snow makes when someone walks on it. 
Again I realized that I was not alone, there was someone walking behind me, I ran like I knew what was going to happen, I fell many times, I realized that thing was coming towards me faster than any human could have walk on 1 feet snow.In no matter of time I felt that thing right at my back, It felt like that thing was gong to kill me. Next thing I realized a touch a very cold touch, like my shoulder was naked and ice was on it. 

I was exhausted and I fell on snow again, this time stun with the fear I did not had the strength to stand again. I started crawling in the snow, all wet and scared. It was then when I felt two very heavy legs walking over my body Next thing I remember, I was screaming as loud as I could as I watched that thing go away from me, I couldn't actually saw him again but just the foot steps on snow.

Then I remember waking up at neighbors house, they had called my parents. My Mum asked me what happened?I was still shivering and couldn't speak as my throat was paining, I hugged my mother and started crying, not because I was scared but because for an instance back then I thought this time would never come.

Later our neighbors told us about an urban legend related to that man, saying I was lucky that I am still alive.

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