Mysterious Highway Which Has Caused Many Accidents - Haunted Kasara Ghat Incidences And Confession

Kasara ghat is a place situated in nashik, Maharastra. It has a highway that is said to be haunted and many a one's complained about seeing and facing paranormal entities near this area. The bushes down the way and in both sides of highway makes it look more terrific. In night, It is said to be harmful to cross this highway. It has seen many accidents and thus many spirits stay active all through out the night once dark begins. Haunted kasara ghat is one of the most haunted ways/places in maharastra, India. The confession below is about such an incident of people who crossed that haunted place in nashik one night.

haunted kasara ghat
The haunted kasara ghat has seen many accidents and possess a horrible view when dark 

This is a true incident that I would like to share with you all. It occured many years back, possibly around 1997-1998. I am a businessman and one of my best friend had shifted to Nashik 1 year prior to this incident. His wedding was fixed in July and all of us, his friends were invited. Me and two of my friends decided to go his place 3 days before so that we could help him to some extent in the preparations. Me and my friends initially decided to leave at 6pm but due to laziness of one of my friends, we had to leave at 11pm in the night. I was driving the car while one friend sitting by my side and other behind.

Around 1 and half hour, we reached around Shahapur, after crossing Kalyan, it was around 12.45 am by that time and we stopped at a dhaba, had some light food and even bought a few bottles of cold drinks for the journey. We also asked some truck drivers sitting there about the routes and moved ahead.

During that time, Kasara ghat was not much developed, it was very narrow with few lightings and even those reflectors were hardly there, the roads were also very bad and rough. Around 1.30am, we entered the ghats, there was almost nil traffic except we overtook a few transport trucks and went ahead. That day, it was Amavasya night( have explained it later) and the ghats were very eerily silent. Soon after around 15-20 mins, we reached a spot, it was a straight road with a sharp turn and there was a huge tree on the edge of that turn, one of my friends pointed out something at that tree. it appeared to be some figure sitting there but we could not clearly see it's face. I was driving the car very slowly due to road and light isssues. As we came closer to that spot, suddenly one of my friend( who was sitting beside me) shouted very freakily and froze in terror with little finger pointed at that tree. Initially, I did not look there because I was driving but the friend who was sitting behind told me to accelerate the vehicle and shouted at me to look up there.

The next what I saw, I am describing it in exactly the same way without any editing or modifications. The figure had a body of an old frail woman, very thin with wrinkled skin. She was sitting on the tree and dangling her legs. As I came closer to the tree, what I saw had sent terror in all my spines and muscles, remember I told you we could not see her face, it was because she was headless. We also heard her hysterical laughing.
I was so scared that my hands were trembling and full body sweating, somehow I managed to take control of the car and once we reached end of the ghat, we accelerated and sped off to Nashik and reached the friend's hall at 3.30am in the morning. We all got up late at 10am the next day and narrated this incident to the friend and his father who at that time was an engineer with NHAI( National Highway Authority Of India). 

He told us that many people have experienced similar things there. He said many people had died in car accidents in the ghat, also the ghat was a dumping ground for murder victims. Also when the ghat was being constructed, many labourers had lost their lives. He said during Amavasya nights, these pretas roam the ghats and many people have reported seeing strange figures there at night.

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Still today, when I recollect this incident, it sends shivers down my spine. Also people to whom we tell this say we must have experienced an illusion but the truth i whatever happened was not an illusion, how could 3 different people see a same illusion at same time. Today, the ghats have been well developed, widened and are adequately illuminated so these incidents are not reported now. Still I travel to Nasik but mostly during day time only. Protection Status