This is how I believed in the existence of spirits

After completion of my MBA I got a banker job in Varanasi, India. There I stayed at a working women’s hostel. That hostel was really very good with all amenities and facilities. I had one roommate and she was also working at a very reputed private sector bank.When I checked into the hostel I experienced some chilling feeling but I thought that because it was a new place that was why I was feeling so uneasy. I then settled there and within few days I and my roommate became close friends.

Life was really smooth. After few weeks my roommate told me that she was getting engaged and she had to go for two days (I clearly remember the date. Her engagement date was 29th April 2009). She went on 28th April. That day I was all alone in our room. I was preparing for the C.F.A. examination so, I used to study late night until 2 am.

On 28th April after coming from the office I immediately felt some headache so slept for some time. I had a very horrifying dream of crematorium. Now, here I want to tell you one more thing that on 27th me and my roommate went for a boat trip over the holy Ganges (Ganga river) and we saw Manikarnika Ghat while boating. shamshaan(funeral) Ghaat is a place where Hindus perform cremation at any time i.e. 24/7 days in Varanasi. 

Now, when I saw that I felt the same tingling sensation. But again shook my headache off. But when I saw the same dream I was really very disturbed.After dinner I went for my studies. Nothing happened until 1am. I went for a coffee break. While sipping the coffee I was listening to my favorite songs and suddenly I heard a scratching sound. At first I thought there was some problem with my smartphone but then it intensified. 

I stopped the song and tried to listen to the sound. Then I heard a knock at my door. I opened the door but nobody was there. I thought now my mind is playing games so I should go to sleep and went to bed. I was very tired so within few minutes I was asleep (I forgot to mention that I had fever that day but as I had CFA exam within couple of weeks so strained myself that much). I suddenly felt cold and shivered of cold I opened my eyes and saw that my blanket was at floor. 

I clearly remember that I again took blanket but after few minutes again it was at floor. Now I got very dizzy as was very tired plus I was in a grip of fever. So, I decided to take Calpol (antipyretic). After few minutes what happened still terrifies me even today. I again heard that scratchy sound, frantic beating at door and the shower in bathroom opened automatically. Now at that point I was very sure that something creepy was there. I immediately started reading Kaali Kavach (Hymns of Goddess) repeatedly. Then everything stopped. Then it started again now I heard some laughter a female voice too. 

I shouted and then called another room mates names. They came immediately. But I was so scared that I was hesitant in opening the door. After that they called me over phone then I opened the door and fainted. That was exactly 4am. When I woke up I was in the local hospital and was 9am. I left that place immediately after that Now, I believe in ghosts and paranormal activities. I perform daily puja and I will prey to MA Kali that nobody will encounter with such horrendous experiences in their lives like I had.

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