Practice of satanism in India

According to the Vatican (who may be somewhat biased on these matters), kids in India are being seduced by Satanic cults. They claim 3,000 youths in the region of Naga land are under the influence of the devil, and are using Facebook and Twitter to spread the cult. In April, the area’s Christian leaders held a “transformation crusade,” in an attempt to break the dark forces they believed were “wrecking societies, institutions, families and the hopes and cultures of generations with moral corruption.”
In another region of India, Mizoram, there have been reports of Bibles being burnt in churches. The books are placed on pictures of pentagrams within circles, before being set alight. A local Christian scholar blamed the influence of Western pop stars, who have offered themselves to Satan for fame and wealth.

One of the key practices of the Satanic youth is said to be Black Mass. Essentially a parody of Christian mass, it involves desecrating and stealing the sacred materials used in rituals by other religions. Churches in the Kerala region have had their tabernacles damaged and bread stolen. The local police have been less quick to blame the occult, stating that they think it’s a standard case of attempted theft.

Basic Signs of haunting

- Unexplained shadows
- Feelings of being watched
- Unexplained noises
- Lights turning off and on automatically
- Unexplained lights in houses
- Water is turned on or off by itself
- Hearing music from an unknown source

- Seeing balls of unexplained light