Real Story of Witch Rose whose Soul Actually Haunts the Cemetery

In the early 90's there was a beautiful young lady named Rose (name changed). She was the only daughter to a very wealthy couple. One fine day she saw a handsome young man who stood tall in the blistering sun. The man walked up to her, introduced himself as Jasper (name changed) and with his charming way's made her fall in love with him. After a few days there was a severe accident in which young Rose lost her parents.

She was shattered, now the only person who she could rely on for anything was her driver who was a dear friend to her. After months of grief Jasper asked Rose to marry him but she turned him down. Later on her driver spoke to her and convinced her to marry him saying that it would be a wise thing to do, as he really care for her, everything was said and done, the date for their marriage was also decided. Poor young Rose ignorant as she was, failed to see that Jasper and her driver very setting her up.

1st they killed her parents in the accident and now it was her turn, least did they care for her, all they wanted was her wealth. On the night of their wedding after the celebration the driver drove Jasper and Rose to the city to get their photos clicked, to get to the city they had to pass a big lonely hill. On their way back when they reached a certain height Jasper asked the driver to stop as he wanted to pee, Rose stayed in the car but since he was taking long she got out for some fresh air. 

When she gets out she finds herself standing on a cliff and the next thing she knows is that Jasper and her dear friend pushed her off the cliff. She didn't die at once when the two men went to check she was still alive. Jasper picked up a big rock and before he smashed her head she uttered the words "you betrayed me! You will regret it". After all this happened Jasper took possession of the house and gave a part to the driver.

They lived lives of pleasure for a few months until one day when Jasper was strolling in the big yard behind the house, he saw a beautiful lady in a white silk gown standing at a distance facing her back to him. He walked up to her and put his hand on her shoulder from behind and she caught his hand and said "hello Jasper! I'm back, I've missed you". When she turned around he saw the smashed face of poor young Rose before she ripped his heart out and hung his body on the tree with his heart in his hand.

When the driver came back and saw this he knew she was back and took off in fear. When it got into the car he saw in the mirror that a lady was seated in the back seat, his heart raced as she spoke "my dear friend! I'm back" and ripped his heart out and put it in his hand and placed his body on the hood of the car. After getting her revenge on the two of them she haunted that whole place, ripping people’s hearts out and putting it in their hands. 

After months a great priest was called who trapped the angry spirit in a bottle and buried it somewhere on top of a hill where they thought no one would go. For many years the spirit remained in until a group of Priest who didn't know about it, while laying the foundation stone to build a seminary broke the bottle, they heard a loud cry "I'm free!!!!" After that the seminary was built but the spirit of young Rose till today haunts that whole area, it is said that now she doesn't kill she only scares people off.