Haunted Abbey Bungalow in Uttrakhand And Its Uncanny Tale

Located at the foot of the mighty Himalayas is the beautiful state, undisputed in terms of it's natural beauty and grandeur, called Uttarakhand . Lohaghat, located in the Champawat district, of the same state is famous for its ghostly hauntings in a Bungalow called as 'The Abbey' . Readers would also be interested to know that this was the same district where the famous hunter turned conversationalist Jim Corbett began his career of hunting down man-eating Tigers and Leopards. Coming back to our story, the bungalow named 'Abbey' was constructed in the early 1900's and named after the owner. This bungalow was then converted into a hospital and that's when the spooky experiences began to manifest themselves. Strange on-goings prompted everyone to raise their levels of suspicion. The most apparent and intriguing episode consisted of a doctor, who could accurately predict a patient's death. 
He would then transfer such patients to his house called 'Mukti Kothri' , where in the dead body of the patient would be found the very next day! Naturally, rumors were rampant as to whether, were these cold-blooded murders? or were the deaths due to natural causes? or was the doctor indeed remarkable in predicting death with such precision and accuracy?
haunted places bungalow in uttrakhand

Well! No one could actually figure out the exact reason, however gossip went flying fast and high that since 'The Abbey' was the first house to have come up in the region, this could have angered the gods residing on the hill-tops. And as if to support the local rumors and gossip, it's believed that due to the wrath of the gods that next-to-nothing development of the region has taken place, to this day! Hence the place never really prospered.

Lots of ghostly sightings including the ones called 'Bhoot Ki Daang - where in 2 ghostly figures are seen walking on the road holding hands', continue to this very day. Lohaghat, apart from its unparalleled natural beauty does offer the adventurers and thrill seekers a good reason for an exciting visit!

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