A real sight of witches- confession

My Parents house is located in a very sophisticated locality in india (Mumbai). It was built by my great grand father in 1936 i.e before indian independence. My great grand father was a lawyer and was employed by british but was secretly involved in the independence movement. So many meetings of the freedom fighters used be held secretly at our place.

And the real story begins now... It was in the year 1992, when I was 12 years old, my younger brother was suffering from typhoid - a type of fatal viral fever and was admitted to he hospital and both my parents were with him. I clearly remember it was 16th of july and was raining heavily outside and I was sleeping besides my grand mom. 

Some voices disturbed me, I could hear some one talking distinctly and now I could hear more than one person. I was shaken and got out of my bed, suspecting robbery. My grand mom woke up too. We both were frightened out of wits but gathered courage and went into the other room from where the noise was coming and peeped through the door. 

And to our horror, we could see 4 people in their late twenties, dresses in indian attire as they used to in 1930's / 1940's and as soon as they saw us they vanished. I passed out and my grand mom suffered a paralytic attack.

When I came to my senses, I was in medical car , and my grand mom in intensive care unit. She expired some years back but was in explicable to such things, until this date chills run down my spine. But never again anything happened like that.

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