Spirit of a worker

In 2004,my father was transferred to Chhattisgarh, the city he was transferred was undeveloped at that time. There a four members in my family me, my mother, father, and my brother. We reached there during rainy season. Admissions were not open in any schools, however my father admitted me to a very small , rough-and-ready school. Attached to the school was the house of principal. 

The house beside was empty, my father managed and we started living in that house on rent. First two months went without any problems but then things started to go really weird.. After the dawn, sometimes we heard strange noises on the roof, however when we checked, nothing was there. We thought that it might have been a cat. One night around 12:30 am my father suddenly woke up, my mother and i also woke up. 

There was a sudden chilling sensation in the room. Now what we saw still gives me goosebumps, we used to sleep under mosquito nets, from one corner the net was pulled and was slowly laid down on the bed. It seemed like a human has pulled it out, a outline suddenly went off to another room. (Let me tell you that the house was like train bogies, it had a corridor and rooms on either side of the same, that room had only one small window, that too was not open that night, so there is no chance of any wind inside house.

After a couple of days, electricity was cut off for a day, after dawn as usual it was pitch dark. We all (our family and the landlords') were sitting outside. My father went inside to drink water, suddenly we heard a scream, we rushed inside and saw that my father was on the floor, we pulled him up and came out of the house, he said that some one hit him hard on the calf of his leg. That night somehow we managed, the next day, his leg had swollen up, he got relief only after getting medicines from doctor. Subsequently my mother's finger also got swollen up in the same way.

Most strange thing that happened was during afternoon (2:00 pm) my mother heard a noise like someone was driving iron nails in the back wall of the house. She thought that someone might have been working in the landlord's house. But this thing was happening daily, being fed up, my mother went to the landlord's to ask what they did daily at this time, they told that nothing was done by them, next day again, my mother went and called the landlord so that she can himself witness the sound but much to our astonishment, there was no sound, as soon she went back the sound again started.

After one month, we got a better house and school, and shifted there. We narrated the whole story to our new landlady . At last she said that an aged couple used to live there, the man was a laborer who did construction work. He was not getting work for months, and committed suicide by hanging himself in the bedroom, subsequently, his wife also committed suicide by taking overdose of sleeping pills. Now everything was clear to us. we never returned to that house since then. Thank you for your patient reading!!!

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