Our child's experience in the haunted duplex

When we rent a house,most of us do not investigate the history of it whether it is a haunted house or not. Like most of us, This family made the same mistake and their child began to experience mysterious activities in the haunted house. Read full to discover.

ghost of a baby girl

My daughter was almost 4 years old at the time. We lived in an apartment complex that consisted of town homes and duplexes. We lived in a duplex without any neighbors for 6 months after we moved in. One evening around 8:30, my husband 3 boys and I all sat in the living room watching a program on TV. My daughter had fallen asleep on my lap.

As usual, she was the first to fall asleep. She and my oldest son shared a room because they weren't too fond of sleeping by themselves. (That will be explained in other publishings.) I carefully pick her up and take her to the bed and head back for the living room. No more than 10 minutes later she comes running out full speed, all the while looking behind her as though someone is chasing her, her face pale as a ghost. 

She runs to me and jumps on my lap. Now me, knowing this look, I asked her what was wrong. She tells me a girl was in the room and she wanted to play.I ask her what did she do? She says to me, "Momma,  she started jumping on the bed and woke me up and she said she wanted to play. I told her 'No I'm tired." So I carefully asked her what did she look like. She responds she was and had short red curly hair and had a dress on.
This spooked me and my husband and our boys. So I get up and walk into the room, expecting to see a ghost girl standing there. I turn the light on and nothing, just a chill in the room. I ask her to come here and look. She says, "Momma, she was right there." I said, "I know." After this she started to sleep with me and talking in her sleep. She refused to play alone in any of the rooms without one of her brothers with her. This is just one experience we had in this duplex.