My stay at a haunted house in shimla

This incident happened with me around last winters. Shimla is often related to many ghost encounters n haunted locations. There is a so called "Haunted House" in Shimla town on a diverging road on Chaura maidan. Myself being interested n curious about paranormal activities, i always wanted 2 find out for myself.

haunted house confession of shimla,India

I had a friend whose uncle owned that Haunted house so i requested him to arrange a stay for me there n he was glad to do so 4 me but he kept warning me about d ghostly presence. anyways it was a cold November evening when i was just standing at d door, about to enter d place. uncle was with me that time n offered me some dry-fruits n a special grape wine juice. i had some of it n kept d rest. Once i entered, i felt quite normal but within an hour or so i started feeling unusual, i could hear strange sounds, figures, things moving around and various random happenings. it was all very horrifying. Very soon within 30-40 mins i couldn't bear it anymore n ran out of there. i ran as fast as i Could, pounding n sweating profusely.

After few meters i stumbled n fell unconscious on the road I woke up few hours later in Ripon hospital where doctors were taking my tests. they were all very surprised knowing my story n told me to get back home (they had called up my mum) n take rest n prescribed me some medicines n also told me to visit few days later.

It took a while for me to settle down but when i re-visited d hospital, i was shocked.
The doctors said they had found a drug in my blood samples which causes a person to hallucinate and because in that house i was thinking about d ghostly stuff so i had started to hallucinated regarding it .

Man i was surprised and felt dumb at that moment,i was thinking how did i get drugged n then it struck to me! the grapevine drink! d next day i brought it from my home (as mentioned earlier i had kept d rest 4 future n it was laying in my bad which oops i forgot to mention earlier ) n gave the sample 2 be tested n eureka ! that was it. d uncle had intentionally offered me the drink so as to get me drugged.

How clever !!

This reminded of a Hollywood movie in which a man-ghost hunter was drugged in d similar way n viola! it happened to me as well. Days later when i met my friend, i told him d whole incident he was stunned as well since he hadn't been aware of d prank his uncle played on me! Anyhow i didn't get to meet his Uncle since it was time 4 me return to my hostel in Punjab n i lost contact with my friend after that but it had been a really memorable n adventurous Experience.

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