A Journey with dead Corpse

Well this is not a ghost story, but it's an incident that I can't forget ever. It scares me till now when I see it in my dreams.This story is about of ten years ago. There's a railway station named 'park circus' in the southern kolkata. Presently its condition is good but at that time it was a very small station. Only few trains had stoppages on that station. 

I was returning home from a job interview and thought to get a local train from that station towards sealdah(a terminal station which adjoins the city and suburbs). When I was just a few feet apart from the platform, I saw a train just came and was to leave the platform. Knowing very well that if I would miss that train, the next one may be I will get after an hour. Its already about 9 p.m. I started running and got the train but when I get in, I realised that all the lights of that compartment were off. It was completely dark and there was no one in that compartment.

I thought may be I got the vendor compartment, because it was smelling like hell. When the train took its full speed, something touched my feet and was rolling around. I did not understand what was that, tried guessing and concluded it something like a football. I stroked it to keep it far from me, but it keep touching and rolling all over. When sealdah station was to arrive, it was street lights all over outside and the light was falling inside the compartment. 
In that light, I saw three dead bodies full of blood were kept inside that compartment all covered with plastic sheets. These all died with train accident somewhere and were headed towards sealdah. And the football like thing which was rolling over was the cutted head of one of them. May be it slipped from the cover and came near me due to train's motion. The head was just infront of me. 

I was shivering in a strange fear, due to which, I kicked that head so hard that it fallen outside the train. As soon the train entered the station,I jumped on the platform and fainted. Some R. P. F. Personnel helped me and I was taken to the N. R. S. Hospital near sealdah station. Doctors discharged me after treatment of the injuries and bruises due to sudden jump and fall from a running train. My father then took me and we went straight to our home.