Ghost of Tupac shakur & Abraham Lincoln That Troubled their Neighbors

Tupac Shakur was one of the legendary hip hop and rap artist. Many people believe Tupac Shakur is still alive. In fact, there seems to be more evidence of Tupac faking his own death than there is of him actually being dead. One week after Tupac was pronounced dead, 1000 people from Haiti had called police saying they had seen Tupac. Many celebrities have stated Tupac is still alive; Suge Knight shocked people in 2012 to say that Tupac isn't really dead, Willow Smith Jada Smith's daughter, recently wrote a note to Tupac saying she knows he is still alive and to come back to make her mom happy.

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Jada and Tupac had a close relationship with each other. The list of evidence goes on and on, and there's even proof that Tupac will return this year. When he was in prison, Tupac had read a lot of books. In one of his interviews, he mentions he had read a book on Niccolo Machiavelli, an Italian strategist. Shortly before Tupac's death, he had changed his stage name to "Makaveli".
People say if you re-arrange "Makaveli" it forms into: K am alive. If you re-arrange "Makaveli The Don Killuminati The 7 Day Theory" it re-arranges into Ok On The 7th U Think I'm Dead Yet Really I am Alive. 
What are the chances of that happening by coincidence? In one of his more famous work, Machiavelli wrote of "faking one's won death, to fool an enemy." Was Tupac following the advice given in Machiavelli's writings? Niccolo Machiavelli faked his own death at the age of 25, and then shocked the world by returning at the age of 45. Tupac also died at the age of 25, and Pac's 43rd birthday would land in the year 2014.

Have you ever heard about the ghost of Abraham Lincoln? The ex-president of United states. Legend has said it Lincoln saw his fate before he was assassinated. 

He reported a dream to his cabinet in which he wandered into a funeral at the white house, and when he inquired of one of the mourners who had died, the man responded "The president, he was killed by an assassin".

Lincoln’s ghost has been spotted by many visitors and residents of the white house, among them First Lady Grace Coolidge, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, and even Winston Churchill, who of course had something clever to say on the occasion. 

He claimed to see image walking into the bedroom when he saw Lincoln standing near the fireplace. He quipped “Good evening, Mr. President. You seem to have me at a disadvantage.”, after which Lincoln smiled softly and disappeared. He is seen very less after that.