Corpse candles -Unsolved mysterious light mystery

Corpse candles are mysterious, floating orbs of light that can be blue, , or red in color. They can appear indoors or outside, but tend to be more common in graveyards, bogs, and marshes. The lights are said to be either omens of death, lost souls, or mischievous spirits. They are said to represent some souls. Be it either lost souls or a person died with accident or naturally. corpse candles are a way to represent the dead people and their soul. Many people believe in the corpse candles and they have faith in soul and dead relatives come through this candle lighting.

corpse candles - mysterious light

People believed that the eerie lights appeared for a variety of reasons:

* An omen of impending death. Larger lights were for men, medium lights for women, smaller lights denoted the loss of an infant, and multiple lights represented the number of people that were to about to die.

* As companions to the recently departed whose souls had not yet left the earthly plane. Once the souls left the earth, the lights would be extinguished.

* Souls who were being used by the Devil to lure travelers astray.

* The souls of stillborns or babies who died before being baptized. Their souls would continue flitting between Heaven and Hell for eternity.

Sightings of corpse candles have been reported in countries all over the world and are known by a variety of other names that include:

* Will-o’-the-wisp
* Jack-o’-Lantern - Read about jack-O' Lantern
* Ignis fatuus (Latin, meaning “foolish fire”)
* Fairy Fire
* Deadman’s Candles
* Fetch Lights
* Ghost Lights
* Spook-lights
* Hobby Lanterns
* Elf Lights
* Canwll corfe
* Pixy-Lights