Girl seeking lift on a haunted road- A Mysterious Tale

Once he had gone to out of town by his car and was returning back to home. It was already dark as he was late. In way he stopped his car and came out on TEA STALL to purchase some cigarettes. There he heard about haunted way which is considered to be possessed by a spirits. He thought to go to his town via that haunted way.

He turned his car to that haunted way and as he was to start a car a old man came to the door of his and started shouting don’t go by this way, but that boy ignored him and started the car. As he went about 3 k.m. he saw a girl who was in middle of that road and trying to stop car. He stopped a car and that girl came to him and asked him for a lift. She said she wanted to go to some town which was next to the boy’s own town.

The boy thought its haunted way and to leave a young girl alone on this way is not good. So he gave her lift. He was ready to give her lift up to his own town and the girl will go to her town (which was about 20km away from boy’s town) by herself. 

The girl was very beautiful with blue eyes and fair color, about 5 feet 6 inches of height. The girl was quite about 10 minutes and then started talking. She thanked the boy for giving her lift. Boy asked her some questions like what her name was and what she was doing etc.

She said her name was Tanvi and she was student of B.C.A. They have holidays for final exam so she is returning home.

Both talked about an hour and boy started to impress her. The boy was also doing M.C.A. so he started study talks. He saw that girl was becoming impressing by his talent. And suddenly boy asked her: Do you have a boy friend?
Girl: No
Boy: You look so beautiful and have lovely eyes; with talented mind you can get any nice guy you want
Girl: I didn’t meet any one till now but
Boy: but? You got it now? And smiled looking towards her.
The girl was feeling shy.
The boy wanted to hold her hand. when he touched her hand suddenly the car stopped and he was thrown out of car. He was damn scared. When he saw inside the car there was no one.