My Otherworldly Experience in the haunted house of Bangalore

This is my third experience which I had encountered recently during my visit to Mumbai, India in Feb 13. I spent 17 years of my childhood in a place called Ambernath which is in the outskirts of Mumbai until 1997 until me and my family moved to Bangalore. I had managed to get in touch with my long time childhood friend/neighbor who invited me to his house to stay over for 3 days as his family was away and he was the only person in the house. 

The moment I entered the building which was in the same shape and size except that it was been painted recently. The moment I entered the building, I felt nostalgic and I had tears in my eyes as it was indeed a great feeling to be at a place where you were born and bought up. Unfortunately, I could not get entry into my former house as the new owner was reluctant to let me in, in spite of repeated request from my neighbor.
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Nevertheless, once I reached, I freshened up and was talking about the good old times about our childhood memories of how we played cricket, run and catch game, hide and seek and how we used to fight for petty things etc. Day passed by and it was night. We had our dinner, went to nearby cigarette shop for pan and smoke, came back and we were playing cards until late night until we decided to sleep. I wanted to sleep on the terrace of the building as one has a different experience sleeping under the sky. My friend was reluctant, but somehow he agreed. We had bolted the door from inside and also at night the safety metal door of the building entrance was locked. The atmosphere was dead silent except for the chirping of the insects.

My friend was in deep sleep so was I. Suddenly I was woken up and there was a sudden chill in the air as though it was cold winter (Note Summer has arrived in Mumbai). As I was looking up the sky it was a full moon night and suddenly, I could hear a soft sound of an infant crying at the passage near the staircase which leads to the entrance of the terrace outside. 

I slowly opened the window and it was dark in the passage and the only source of light was moonlight which was coming from the window and what I saw was a middle aged couple like the ones who work as laborers in a construction company with their infant baby. I could still hear the crying but I could not see their faces properly. I shouted at them, "WHO'S IT?" twice and later on what happened was really spine chilling

The cry of the infant stopped but now I could hear the wailing voice of the man and a women looking towards me with both their hands pointed towards me as if they are begging for something but I still couldn't see their faces. I decided to open the door and see for myself closer if they needed any help and as I was near to open the door, I could see three mist like figures, two big and one small coming through the closed door stopping for a moment and vanishing into nothingness. I froze and just stood there looking at the door with my mouth wide open.

Just then I felt a hard pat on my back and it was my friend. I woke up from my trance and narrated to my friend what happened. He cursed me for not listening to him and he said that entities were of construction laborers and their infant baby. This happened in the year 1999. The couple was removed from the job when there was a maintenance work going on in the building as the man was usually drunk at work and used to spend all his earnings on alcohol. 

One day the infant was running under high fever and cold and he came with his baby to plead with the contractor (whose temporary makeshift office was located in the corner room of the passage) for medical aid which was never given to him which resulted in death of the baby in that same passage. Unable to bear the trauma of their baby's death, the couple poisoned themselves on the passage one night when no one was around. Many people had experienced this same phenomenon in the past but came out unharmed. No one dares to go in the terrace after 6pm until 9am.

I was shocked and saddened to hear this story and felt really sorry for the infant who died. May their distressed souls rest in peace.