Haunted purulia railway station in India

Though many railway stations in India have their own set of tell-tales, there’s one who leaps higher. Now, this is not just another one of the spooky stories in India since this one affected the lives of common middle class population localized in Begunkodor. Begunkodor is a village in Purulia district of West Bengal situated46kms from Purulia. The village included a haunted railway station that remained closed for almost 42 years (from 1967 to 2009). According to villagers, one of the railway employees died in 1967 after witnessing a female specter draped in white sari (Indian female clothing).

haunted purulia railway station in india
                     haunted Purulia railway station in india has a spooky view                   
All the railway employees were terrified of the spook; they abandoned the station in fear. Soon this station was no longer a stop for the passing wheels. Basudeb Acharya, former chairman of the Parliament’s standing committee on railways argued that the railway staff ‘cooked up’ this story to avoid their posting at such a remote location. Mamta Banerjee, the railway minister in 2009 dismissed all the reports of the apparition appealing “I don’t believe in ghosts. It is all man-made.” The railway station was reopened calling it for celebration for the locals there.

On one hand the facts still remain vague while on the other hand there are reports affecting the locals for nearly half a century.