A Dark Halloween Night Horrible Tale

It was a dark Night. Darkness allured all the negative creatures lurking around. It could afraid the bravest but not him, the lonely man who was on his way back to home after working a long 8 hours call.

Raju is a 23 years old young boy who travels 3 hours to reach his workplace. He is from a village, Tomb Sin, that would mean as creepy as he himself. Due to hours of hard physical work embedded with mental stress and lack of nutrition, he looks like a 40 years old man. His skin has wrinkled, bones feel as obvious as the appearance of sun in a blue sky and his cheeks has popped within to meet the inner jaw. Well, after so much hardship, he has one and only desire and that is to, work hard and keep his family alive.

Family constitutes members together and give all of them a goal... an aim to work together and shift to the above gear, to a better living. But, Raju was living for his grand mother. A well grown old lady that is swinging between life and death and everyday, her desire to accompany her grandson seems to keep her alive. They have a hut to the another side of river that crosses through a dense forest. A forest where the villagers would burn their deceased or, bury them.

That is a regular part of Raju's life. His train would arrive to that station just before the midnight and he would cross the forest, swim down the river and reach the hut where his grandmother awaited her.

But, that was a dark night, dark enough for the hands to get access to each other. Raju kept wandering and lost his way. He was not afraid for the forest did not host any wild creature. There were many a ghost tale about that dense trees but he never believed them. After an hour of wandering, he chose to take rest on a tree and leave this forest next morning. He soon fell asleep.

A dark halloween night- scary tale

It was a halloween night.... nights where the evil creatures become powerful enough to bestow a treasure of wish to their followers and, fetch out the lives of the non believers. During such a night, everything sparked in a moment and wind blew out of nowhere. In between thunderstorms, Raju was able to see a thick banyan tree flying to his direction. The next moment, as the tree came closer, he saw an old lady with thick nails sitting on that tree. She got off and started digging the soil. The very next minute, she had hold corpse of a young beautiful girl.

"Ah! months of possession and now you are mine. I take your soul today and also the glitter of your fresh skin, for how old I have been."- murmured the witch.

Soon she began to enchant few lines that possibly were to plead the Satan. Raju was frightened deep inside and was careful enough to hide inside a dense branch of the mango tree he was upon.

Few minutes later, the corpse was alive. She stood up, her eyes looked red blood and hideous.

"Tonight I will give your soul to satan and receive a gift of boundless beauty and youth. Lay down"- commanded the ferocious woman.

She followed the orders as her soul was hypnotised. The witch closed her eyes, on the way to completion ceremony.

Raju, who was spectating this scenario had an idea of saving this girl. He had heard from her grandmother who once told her a story in which a prince saves her princess from a witch. The story concluded how the prince looked behind while running and later was killed by that witch. But, Raju had all the plans in his mind. He slowly got down the tree, moved towards the living corpse and lifted it on his shoulder and started running towards his destination.

Within a moment, the witch realised the incident and got furious. She was so anguish that her face turned black and her nails dropped off. She started screaming on Raju to leave the girl and she would let him go alive. Raju did not stop. Neither did he looked behind. The hideous witch tried to allure him with so many physical glow but it seemed he turned deaf for that moment.

That day, he had swim that river faster than any other day. Very soon he reached his house, put that girl on his bed and started to treat him from the Ayurvedic medicines he had. It took him 5 hours to bring that girl back to the consciousness. He was so enchanted that he did not care his grandmother was not home.

Few hours later, one of the woodcutter started screaming and called the villagers to that creepy, evil jungle. Out of curiosity, Raju told the girl to rest and left for the forest to unleash the amazement.

His grandmother stayed there, beneath a very thick unrooted banyan tree. Her face was black and nails tore apart.

True Ghost Experience- Story of a Possessed Woman

My grandfather once had a very strange experience. This happened in the 1960s in rural India. 

My grandparents lived in a small village in a house made of mud and bricks. Across their front door was another house which remained closed all the time. A reclusive widow lived in this house who seldom interacted with anyone else in the village. 

This woman had a problem, a serious one. She was susceptible to possession. In India, there's this belief that a person born under a certain astrological sign is more prone to supernatural interactions. This poor woman was one of them. Every night, this woman would get possessed and unearthly screams could be heard from behind her closed doors. Nobody knew what happened inside.

One night, the screams became too horrifying. Dual voices could be heard, along with gurgling sounds and high pitched shrieks. The villagers mustered their courage and decided to check. They lit up their fire torches as there was no electricity back then, and they all gathered at her door. The screams grew more and more tormented at this stage. The strongest of the lot kicked down the door with a few tries, but as soon as the door opened, the screams stopped. 

Needless to say, everyone was super creeped at this point. Since my grandfather was an elder, everyone looked to him for leadership. He slowly inched his way inside, holding his torch up high. The flames of the torch illuminated only enough space for my grandfather to take one small step at a time. As he inched forward, he heard a sickening sound. A crunching, slurping, gurgling sound. They all froze.

My grandfather slowly moved the torch in the direction of the sound and there she was, sitting in a corner, wearing bloodied clothes, hair dishevelled. An overpowering stench overcame all of them. She was sitting in a pile of filth. She was biting and tearing the flesh off a young hen which had had the misfortune of straying into her house. Blood and guts spilled from her mouth as she gnawed on the raw carcass of the poor bird. 

She then suddenly stopped and slowly made eye contact with my grandfather. The whites of her eyes were a feverish yellow and her lens were ash grey in colour. My grandfather remembers those eyes to this day. Then, before he could react, she lunged at him with unnatural speed, and bit him straight on his thigh.

My grandfather woke up with a scream, sweating and panting. Yes, this was a nightmare, but it wasn't just any nightmare. As my grandfather reached for the jug of water he always kept by his bedside, he felt a sting in his thigh. He grabbed an oil lamp and held it over his thigh, and lo and behold, the bite mark was there, distinct and green.

Needless to say, this freaked out everyone in the village. The villagers performed holy rituals to keep the negative energy at bay and they just sort of learnt to live with the haunted house amidst them. The villagers never ventured out after sunset, or anywhere close to the house, even during the day.

Eventually, with time the screams died and so did the woman. The authorities removed the widow's self mutilated body from the house. The house was demolished and burnt. Traditional rituals were performed to calm the spirits.

My grandfather still shudders when he thinks of that woman, especially her eyes.

Gaurav Tiwari's Death under mysterious Circumstances- Possession or Science?

Recently, we have got the shocking news of Gaurav Tiwari's death. Mr. Tiwari was a prominent paranormal researcher and also, the founder of Indian paranormal society. His death has put forward a never ending war between the existence of ghosts in this world.

Gaurav has a team of ghost hunters who usually investigate the rumored haunted places. He believes in revealing the mystery behind haunted places and thus, clearing off the misconceptions people have acquired so long. He and his team has spend many nights at different spooky locations, figuring out reality of the different spooky spots.

Few months back, he went for a ghost hunting program that unfortunately turned out to be his last ever inspection. After he returned back, he complained for some unknown force calling him in. He felt as if someone is calling him to their mysterious world. These were possibly few warning signs that her wife did not take seriously. Minutes before his death, he screamed hard in his bathroom and expired away. Currently the police is detecting for the possible cause behind his death.

In addition, this incident has put a question mark on the role of untrained professionals in this field. For those who believe in spirits, this is a very sensitive work sector and can lead you to death as well. Today, Gaurav Tiwari is no more but he has gave a lesson to many youngsters who visit these spooky locations without any prior protection. May his soul Rest in peace.

The Reality Check- Creepy Ghost Experience during Movie

I don’t believe in ghosts or the supernatural. I want to believe. But I just haven’t experienced anything unexplained. That was until August 2015.
It was a Friday evening, and Typhoon Soudelor was predicted to hit Taiwan that very night. People were preparing for the the most intense tropical cyclone of that year. The streets were becoming deserted. Everyone was locking themselves in their homes. People were even hoarding food. The air had that eerie silence before the storm. You could sense that something big was about to happen.

I was inside my top-floor apartment with my girlfriend. My place was quite small, and we were feeling restless. We are both adventurous and spontaneous people. So we decided to go out on the deserted streets, and find an open cinema to watch a movie. It’s not like we would be able to sleep through the noise of the typhoon anyway. Outside, the rain and wind were picking up.
We find one of those cheap cinemas where you have to take an elevator up to the 10th floor, and you watch movies that have already been out for months. It’s around midnight when we enter the empty theatre for the screening. There is only us two, and a group of teenagers. They are sitting in the back row, while we sit towards the front. The movie starts, and as it plays, we can hear the rumbling and howling of the typhoon outside.
I’m holding my girlfriend’s hand, and I can feel how she is gripping my hand tighter and tighter. I ask if she’s okay. She looks at me and nods nervously. I figure she might be reacting to the howling storm outside, so I think nothing of it. Then she suddenly jumpsin her seat. I ask her again if she’s okay. She says she’s scared. I assure her we’re safe.
Then she tugs at my arm and asks me: “Do you see it?”
“See what?” She glances past me towards the empty seats on my right. I look in that direction and see nothing out of the ordinary.
I go back to watching the movie. Meanwhile, I feel that my girlfriend is shaking. I also notice some sort of red color in my periphery vision. I disregard this. It must be the lights from the movie.
All of a sudden my girlfriend pulls me close to her, and I see that she is extremely frightened. She has gone pale. “We have to leave. Now!”
“What? Really? But we are in the middle of the movie…”
“We need to leave right now.” She immediately gets up and runs out the theatre. I grab our stuff and run after her.
“What’s wrong? What happened?”
She doesn’t answer. She runs to the elevator. Once we are in the elevator, she tells me everything.
“In the beginning of the movie, I felt someone touching my back. I looked in the seat behind us, but there was no one there. I saw those teenagers in the back, so it wasn’t them. And it wasn’t you either. Then the touching became more intense. Like someone was massaging my back very hard. It made me jump.”
“Then I saw something next to you. I asked you if you saw it too. It was right there. It was standing right next to you. It was a girl. She was staring at the screen. Her face was….burnt. She was wearing a red dress. She was right there! I swear! After that I couldn’t take it anymore…”
Keep in mind that her heart is racing when telling me this. She is pacing around the elevator. I’m stunned. I’m not sure what to think. I believed she must have seen something. She couldn’t be making this all up.
At this point, the storm is very intense outside, so we take a taxi home. Once we get home, she is still very much affected by what just happened. She is still frightened. We decide to research this cinema. Maybe other people have experienced something too. Maybe we can find an explanation. And we do.
Many people have reported seeing unexplained things at that cinema. Some people have seen figures and shadows of people inside the theatre. A couple took the elevator once, and it would stop on every floor. They would feel people entering and leaving the elevator. But they saw no one. We also found out that this building has had fires. That there were accidents in the past. And there were casualties.
Perhaps what my girlfriend saw was a girl who had died in one of those fires? Perhaps the red color I saw in my periphery was that girl? And who was touching her back so forcibly?
I have no logical answers.

A night In The Haunted Morgan House- Creepy Confession

This happened many years ago, and reading some of the answers on this thread I realized very less people actually report apparitions and sights that you can swear were there right in front of you yet somehow intangible.
For those of you from Bengal, you must have heard loads of ghost stories from up the hills be it Darjeeling, Kurseung or Kalimpong. The foggy mountain tops and the dark damn forests surrounding these areas give it an unspeakable eerie touch. The hills are home to many old schools and colonial institutions.
The story I'm going to narrate is of my Mama (Mother's Brother). My Mama had always had a thing for the paranormal and the occult. Having had his unsuccessful attempts with the Ouija board and numerous plainchant sessions, he and his 2 friends planned a small weekend trip to Kalimpong. Their stay- The infamous MORGAN HOUSE!
Stories of haunted Morgan house

The Morgan House remained a dilapidated reminder of British Colonialism for the greater part of the 20th Century after Independence. Until some years back, it was renovated and placed under the care of West Bengal Tourism Board, making it the official Government hotel in Kalimpong. With a colonial aura and a Himalayan landscape just outside the house attracts so many tourists that the House is booked all year long!
Coming back to the story
Speaking just to the point Morgan House is an Aristocratic Victorian Villa with two floors and stone built. My Mama and his friends returned late one evening after having dinner outside around 9 PM which is pretty late as all shops close down in the hills by that time. Before entering the Lobby, the two friends insisted they light a cigarette first and then go off to sleep, at this point all 3 were tired with all the travelling and the thought of going ghost hunting had completely been forgotten. My mama was a nonsmoker so he urged both of them to finish both their fags and meet him upstairs in the room. He was dead tired and his legs wouldn't stand one more bit.
He climbed up the stairs to the first floor, the hotel was packed every single room had been occupied, yet there was an eerie silence on the first floor, as if all the people had fallen asleep and a feeling that it was very late at night crept up my mama’s mind. He glanced at his watch it was 10.
He glanced at his watch while watching down the corridor towards his room and looking back up him saw it. At the extreme end of the corridor was a table and beside it was an apparition. In his exact words “White as milk, the ghost of a woman and by the looks she was unmistakably Caucasian and not Indian". The apparition stared at him for what seemed like an eternity to him, unable to speak or move he stood frozen, he mentioned that her eyes looked glassy and almost real, but nothing vengeful or terrifying, the apparition quickly dissipated like smoke, yes smoke as he said it.
That was it he woke the next morning with a whopping fever of 103 C, his two friends found him fainted in that very same spot. The fever lasted for 4 days for which they had to extend their stay (at another hotel obviously). The story is just out of the books and to this date my maternal uncle claims it was all worth it.
Now the common folklore of the Morgan house is that. Somewhere during the 19th Century, the house was built by a British Tea-planter by the name of one Mr. Morgan. Built and lived in only by him and his wife Mrs. Morgan. Just sometime before its abandonment, Mrs. Morgan died an unnatural and early death, leaving just Mr. Morgan to live there for years to follow after which either Mr. Morgan died or moved back to Britain. But the spirit of his wife (Memsahib, as the local there say). Her moans and shrieks are the most common way she appears, the sound of footsteps and also a notorious incident where someone saw her apparition in the bathroom mirror!
On telling his story back in the city, he was told it was none other than the "memsahib" who apparently is still latched to the house and gives frequent visits and thrills to the guests. Whatever it is you can find the Morgan house on every list of Haunted houses in India.

Creepy Incidents Living In a Haunted Military Base in India

I live at a Military Base in India where we handle incoming of electricity and water plus its distribution to entire base. From past 2–3 month every day something is going wrong and someone is getting hurt. No matter how hard we are trying to stay safe.

ghost stories military base india
Here are following series of Incidents we faced living in the haunted building.
  •  We planned to clean the underground sump and had to pump out the water. We bought 2 new pumps and both of them failed to pump the water out but they worked perfectly on the next day at a different location.
  •  Next morning we tried to remove water manually and as we reached stairs, both the stairs broke one by one injuring two people.
  •  Next day there was a power failure and we were trying to start generator and in the process I got my hand burned though there are proper insulators all around.
  •  Next day a fight broke out between quarter members and our staffs, both were injured.
  •  From that time power transmission is failing, HRCs are rupturing at very low voltage, flow control valves are failing, and motors are getting jammed.
  •  One day we decided to clean overhead tank its 120 ft. tall, so after going 50 ft 3 people young as 22, 21, 25, started complaining of feeling dizzy and vomiting. They left and never came back. Though 4 of us did finish the JOB and nothing happened to us.
  •  Every other day we find birds hitting HV cable and dying.
  •  In every 3–4 day a staff member or any one inside the pump house is getting hurt and bleeding or is electrocuted.
  •  Yesterday a kid fall and his fore was opened up, he got 8 stitches. While caring him to hospital ambulance also met with minor accident.
  •  Today again a civilian driver was hurt while unloading fence. A small part of his little finger is gone.

People often complained about sighting figures at night, I am intentionally on night duty yet I dint see anything or any presence. Night are colder though than regular, may be because of rain. Some say it must be because of black magic done to this house, some say it must be haunted as once it was a graveyard, around 250 years back.
Now stein carbines are issued to be kept with us at night due to various claims of sighting by quarters, we are yet to find anything.
Now we are taking extra precaution to avoid any accident.
Note: We had a German Shepard retired from dog unit as he lost his one leg in an explosion. I saw him yesterday night at around 2 am, morning at 8 am we found his lifeless body inside transformer fence which is 600m away. He was not electrocuted though his eyes were open. Some staff member have now started believing that something is wrong with the place and are demanding transfer. Two of them are on leave.
We two of us were on duty yesterday and neither of us hear any sound or observed any weird presence. We are still looking for figures are claimed by others.